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Two Sony SLT A-mount cameras scheduled for 2014 launch


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Two new Sony A-mount cameras are rumored to be announced sometime in 2014 as A77 and A99 replacements with SLT-based design, not mirrorless as previously expected.

Sony has settled its matters with the E-mount owners. There are plenty of cameras available for photographers who have taken this road, such as the A3000 and NEX-5T. Moreover, the A7 and A7R are full frame shooters are for users who will commit to the new E-mount line-up of FF lenses.

This has left the A-mount in the dark. Despite the fact that Sony has repeatedly iterated its commitment to this mount, some A-mount camera and lens owners are still feeling abandoned.

The Japanese company has recently revealed that a semi-professional to professional A-mount camera is in the works and it is coming in 2014. However, this is not enough, so the rumor has decided to dig deeper.

Thankfully, new details have been unearthed and they confirm that actually two new Sony A-mount cameras are in the works and they are coming in early 2014.

sony-a77 Two Sony SLT A-mount cameras scheduled for 2014 launch Rumors

Sony A77 is a camera with a translucent mirror technology. Its replacement, along with the A99 one, is said to be unveiled in early 2014 with similar SLT design.

Sony A99 and A77 replacements to be based on SLT technology

The first to come is a full frame device. It will definitely replace the flagship A99 and will feature a 36-megapixel sensor.

It may bear some resemblances to the A7R, but it will be very different as the A-mount apparatus will be based on Single Lens Translucent technology. Previously it has been believed that the company will ditch SLT, but it seems like this is no longer the case.

Furthermore, the second shooter is an APS-C model. It will feature a 24-megapixel sensor, which is most likely a modified version of the A7 E-mount mirrorless model.

It will probably replace the A77, though it is unclear whether it will be called A79 or not. However, the SLT design will not be removed, instead it will remain in place.

A couple of new Sony SLT A-mount cameras should become official in early 2014

The two new Sony SLT A-mount cameras could become available early next year. Although these are no words about novel lenses, we should not rule out such launches, yet.

There is no speculation about the exact release date and price as it is still too soon to speak about these aspects.

Nevertheless, trusted sources are working hard to ensure that the company’s fans will catch all the details well before Sony decides to make them official.

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