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Upcoming Sony A6000-series camera set to replace the NEX-7


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Sony will hold an announcement event by the end of June 2015 in order to announce a new A6000-series mirrorless camera that will serve as a replacement for the NEX-7 flagship E-mount camera.

We are approaching a major product launch event which will be held by Sony. Among the list of devices scheduled to become official we can find a new A7-series unit and a new A6000-series model. While the former will consist of the A7RII, the name of the latter is unknown. However, following a lot of uncertainty, a trusted source has been able to reveal that the A6000-series camera will not replace the A6000, but, instead, will be the NEX-7 successor.

sony-nex-7 Upcoming Sony A6000-series camera set to replace the NEX-7 Rumors

Sony NEX-7 has been around for almost four years. The time has come to shed the flagship E-mount crown to another camera, which is coming soon.

Soon-to-come Sony A6000-series camera is the NEX-7 replacement

Sony was supposed to introduce its new cameras this week, with May 22 as the most likely candidate. However, there are many events being planned and it seems like this week is booked by a marketing campaign for the A6000, in which Manuel Neuer, one of the best football (soccer) goalkeepers in the world, is the main star.

It would be quite weird for the Japanese company to heavily invest in a marketing campaign for a camera that will be replaced soon, so a bunch of gossip talks are starting to make sense. They say that the new E-mount APS-C camera will succeed the NEX-7, which is something that we have heard in the past.

There are no leaked specifications, but this upcoming Sony A6000-series camera must have the Tri-Navi controls if it wants to brag about being the true heir to the NEX-7. Additionally, it should follow the current trend and to come packed with on-sensor 5-axis image stabilization technology.

New Sony A6000 model could be revealed this May

As seen in the company’s leaked product launch calendar, the Sony A6000-series camera will be unveiled by the end of June 2015.

Insiders are claiming that it will actually become official by the end of May and that it will go on sale next month. Although we should not rule out any possibility, it is unrealistic to expect it this week, so the plausible option is next week.

It will be interesting to see whether the device will be unveiled alongside the aforementioned A7RII or the upcoming RX-series camera, which is the RX100 Mark IV. Do not leave anywhere, Sony’s announcement event is imminent!

Source: SonyAlphaRumors.

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