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Urbanistan portrays people living in chaos in a tranquil way


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Photographer Matjaz Krivic is the creator of a project called Urbanistan, which focuses on photos of people living in various places defined by chaos, be it religious, economic, or existential.

His images may depict chaos in general, as they are captured in areas with poor life conditions. However, they are still capable of offering a sense of peacefulness and they can give you a relief in a stressful day. The artist’s name in Matjaz Krivic and his project is called Urbanistan. The name of the series does not refer to “urban” as in a modern, major city, such as Chicago, but as in communities of people living in poverty-stricken countries. Regardless of the cities, the artist’s project is very well taken and worth a closer look.

Urbanistan: peaceful portraits of people living in chaotic communities

If you turn on the news, then you will see violent stories about people hurting other people. Most of the news is coming from places that find themselves in some sort of chaos. There are countries which still need to sort out their religious and geopolitical issues before solving their economic problems.

As stated above, photographer Matjaz Krivic is aiming to put forth a feeling of peacefulness in his photos. Although it includes communities at a turmoil, Urbanistan reminds us that these subjects are still regular people who have the same desires as the community that you are currently living in.

The photographs are showing subjects attending school or people who are simply finding time to read and to educate themselves. In other photos, the subjects are trying to earn a living, while not forgetting to entertain themselves.

Information about photographer Matjaz Krivic

Photographer Matjaz Krivic has traveled all over the world in order to meet new people and to learn more about different cultures. The artist has also received recognition for his work by winning awards, such as the Travel Photographer Of The Year and Geographical Photographer Of The Year.

Moreover, his work has been featured in solo exhibitions in countries like Slovenia, China, Russia, Croatia, and Finland. The main reason behind this aspect is because Matjaz Krivic focuses in respecting the people and the communities.

When you show them respect, people will also respect you and they will feel more comfortable in your presence. This aspect has allowed the photographer to capture portraits that look natural. More details can be found at the artist’s official website.

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