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Vortex is a modular aerial drone for mirrorless cameras


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A Louisiana-based company has unveiled Vortex, an Advanced Multirotor Drone Copter, which allows aerial photographers to capture aerial footage with Panasonic GH, Sony NEX cameras, and more.

Changing your perspective on the world can be easily done by taking a look from above. Technology advancements have allowed engineers to design aerial drones that can carry around cameras and show us how the world looks from higher altitudes.

Although there are plenty of options available on the market, there is always room for improvements and the Vortex Team company believes that it has the solution to all your problems, one that will meet all your demands.

It is called Vortex and it consists of an Advanced Multirotor Drone Copter that is compact, lightweight, powerful, modular, and cheap. If you already want it, then you can pre-order it on Kickstarter and will be yours when the funding goal is reached.

Vortex, the modular aerial drone, aimed at Panasonic GH and Sony NEX mirrorless camera users

vortexocta Vortex is a modular aerial drone for mirrorless cameras News and Reviews

This is the VortexOcta model which features eight motors. The octocopter can be turned into a conventional quadcopter, while most of its parts can be replaced with other parts. The Vortex modular aerial drone is available only through Kickstarter.

Joze, Mateja, and Neven, the team behind Vortex, have bought a conventional quadcopter, but they have come to the conclusion that it does meet all their needs so they have decided to start working on the Vortex.

Their idea was to build a multirotor drone that would fit into a conventional backpack used by photographers to carry around their gear, while having the necessary power to lift off Panasonic GH and Sony NEX cameras.

The drone features arms that can be detached as a testimony to its modular capabilities. This is a quadcopter with four engines, but it can be easily turned into an octocopter by attaching four more engines.

Additionally, this modular camera sports aluminum arms, but for a few extra dollars users can opt for the version with carbon arms. Users can add two gimbals to stabilize the camera, but remove them, as well, while the landing gear can be customized.

Back the project on Kickstarter and all your aerial photography dreams will become a reality

The Vortex weighs 6.6lbs / 3 kilograms and will be able to carry payloads of up to 6.6lbs / 3 kilograms. It provides enough space for three batteries, which will make sure that power failure will not affect the users.

As for total flight time, it will vary depending on payload. However, Vortex guarantees that it will never go below 15 minutes even with maximum payload.

The base package of the Vortex costs $199. As you pledge more dollars to the cause, the reward will be higher and will include a flick controller, GPS, transmitter and receiver, gimbal, eight engines, and front-person-view camera among others.

Vortex has a Kickstarter funding goal of $35,000. At the time of writing this article, more than $12,000 have been pledged with 42 days to go. Head over to the project’s page and make sure to support the creators if you want an Advanced Multirotor Drone Copter.

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