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Meet Zano, the intelligent, autonomous, and cheap nano drone


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Torquing Group has revealed an autonomous and intelligent nano drone, called Zano, which can capture HD videos and which has the ability to swarm with more nano drones.

Aerial photography is gaining traction in multiple countries around the world. However, companies are still searching for that sweet spot between functionality, design, and pricing. Torquing Group believes that it has come up with the perfect combination in the shape of Zano, a nano drone that is described as being autonomous, intelligent, and budget-friendly.

zano Meet Zano, the intelligent, autonomous, and cheap nano drone News and Reviews

Zano is a smart and compact drone that fits in the palm of your hand.

Zano is an intelligent and autonomous drone that follows you around

The CES 2015 stage is filled with nice projects aimed at the digital imaging sector. As a result, drones could not have missed one of the biggest events of the year. One interesting concept is called Zano, which is actually available for pre-order through Kickstarter.

Zano is defined as a nano drone, a small device that fits in the palm of your hand, one that will not draw as much attention as bigger drones, and one that will not be a burden to carry around during your travels.

Its creator is Torquing Group, which has come to Las Vegas, Nevada to talk about this autonomous and intelligent quadcopter.

The reason why it is called “autonomous” is because it can follow you around. Users simply have to set Zano to follow them and to record their actions.

Additionally, it is intelligent because it can dodge obstacles and it can come back right to you when it senses that its battery is running out or when it determines that the users has strayed too far away from you.

Add “swarming capabilities” to this quadcopter’s impressive specs list

Zano comes packed with a 5-megapixel camera that records HD videos, built-in WiFi, a microSD card slot, and a built-in microphone. The battery lasts for up to 15 minutes of flight and its maximum speed reaches 25mph.

In order to make sure that the photos turn out as clear as possible, the nano drone comes packed with digital stabilization. It may not be as powerful as optical stabilization, but it is better than nothing.

The quadcopter can be controlled via WiFi using an Android or iOS smartphone. The company adds that a Windows Phone app will be developed if users demand it.

Users can purchase more intelligent drones and control them at once with the same device. This way, users can capture the same action from “multiple vantage points”.

The cheapest price for the Zano drone is £215, which translates to roughly $325. This is quite cheap compared to other quadcopters with built-in cameras, so make sure you grab your unit through Kickstarter.

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