Photoshop Actions: Glossary of Offerings by MCP Actions

Free Photoshop Actions and Lightroom Presets by MCP™

Photoshop Actions: Glossary of Offerings by MCP Actions

Photoshop Actions: Glossary of Offerings by MCP Actions

Yesterday, I provided 10 tips for deciding which actions to buy, download and use on your photos. Today, I will explain to you a little more about each specific MCP Action set.  I get asked about the differences so often.  I thought this breakdown would help. If I write that something works in “Full Photoshop” I am usually referring to CS2 through Photoshop CS5.  Some will work in older versions like CS, but check the website to be sure. If I wrote that a set is compatible with Elements, usually they will work in Elements 5-8, but again, check to be sure.

Photoshop actions for retouching:

  • Eye Doctor and Dentist: Are you looking to make enhance eyes in Photoshop? Want to whiten yellow teeth? These actions will sharpen, add a sparkle, and make eyes look more dramatic and exciting. And will make teeth whiter and brighter. Best for closeups, and they can be used on people or animal shots. (Available for full Photoshop and Elements)
  • Magic Skin: As a photographer, many of your clients will want smoother, creamier skin. These actions help reduce wrinkles and blemishes and help achieve overall better skin tone and complexion. The actions can find skin for you, or you can paint it on just where you want it. Fully adjustable for a wide range of coverage. (Available for full Photoshop only at this time)
  • Bag of Tricks: With this set, you will be able to edit like a professional retoucher. You can add or enhance skies, vanish color casts and color issues, fix skin tones, and create crisp, high contrast, intense color images. Make backgrounds high key white or low key black in seconds. Recover overexposed images and add fill light to shadows. Make your photos stand out! (Available for full Photoshop only at this time)

photoshop actions to smooth skin

Photoshop actions for more vibrant color, black and whites, and other fun looks:

  • Complete Workflow: These actions will help you build a solid workflow for color, black and white, or basic vintage editing. They take you from a defog, to your adjustable conversion, to a sharpen at the end. Just adjust the layers and save. (Available for full Photoshop and Elements)
  • Quickie Collection: Do you like to play and stack effects?  Build the look you want and have more control over your color and black and white images.  Fun urban processing and vintage effects, alongside sharpening and midtone contrast, make this set a must have editing essential. (Available for full Photoshop only at this time)
  • All in the Details: Do you photograph full-body shots of seniors, children or engaged couples?  This action set has many conversions from color, to antique, to vintage to rich, toned black and whites. But what makes these actions unique are the way they pull out fine details in the image. Bring natural textures from the environment to life. This set works best on distant shots of things like cars, rust, brick, concrete, and other textured surroundings. (Available for full Photoshop only at this time)
  • Coloring Book: Have you been trying to figure out an easy way to do selective color black and whites?  This makes it easy.  Yes, I know this is a fad, and not all photographers love the look.  But when you do it sparingly and quickly, you can offer it to customers if they desire. (Available for full Photoshop only at this time)
  • Urban Cover Model: This is our smallest set and creates a magazine, ultra smooth, bright skin look.  Certainly not to be used on all photos, but for the right model-like image, it can make your photo pop. (Available for full Photoshop only at this time)
  • Frosted Memories: Our take on hazy, vintage post-processing. While our style is more vivid and bright, certain photos call for a lighten, less contrasty touch.  This action set also has instant, light textures that you can apply to your image in just one click.  You can create scrapbook and background papers using the textures in this set or even layer them over images edited with any MCP set. (Available for full Photoshop only at this time)

photoshop actions to pop colors

Photoshop actions for sharing photos on the web:

  • Finish It: Ready to share your photos on your website, blog or even Facebook or Flickr?  This set makes it easy and fun to add color blocks, frames, borders, rounded corners and branding bars to your images.  In seconds your photos will be resized for the web, stylish and sharp. (Available for full Photoshop and Elements)
  • Blog It Boards: If you love showing detail shots or storytelling, web sized collage style actions are the way to go.  In seconds, you will have multiple images in template form, ready for web.  The actions even add your logo or watermark if desired. (Available for full Photoshop and Elements)

web resize photoshop actions

Photoshop actions for collages, storyboards and printable creations:

  • Print It Boards: Similar to the Blog It Boards, in seconds you can build storyboards and collages.  But unlike the “blog version” these are for printing.  Some clients may not want one picture on a huge canvas or print.  But show them a collage, and they feel it is a better value since they get more images for the same price. (Available for full Photoshop and Elements)
  • Tell a Storyboards: These storyboard, collage templates allow you to add scrapbooking paper or color backgrounds to your layouts.  They have more spacing than the Print It Boards and a slightly different look and feel. One set even has rounded corners. (Available for full Photoshop only at this time)

photoshop actions templates

And the Free Photoshop actions: Currently 8 Free actions ranging from web and print sharpening actions, an action that applies textures to your image, a free Blog It Board, a black and white action with color overlays, a watermarking action, and so much more. Many of these are available for Elements, all are available for full Photoshop.

free textures and photoshop actions

Free Photoshop Actions and Lightroom Presets by MCP™
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Photoshop Actions: Glossary of Offerings by MCP Actions