First Canon 5D Mark IV photo shows up online

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First Canon 5D Mark IV photo shows up online

The first photo of the Canon 5D Mark IV has been leaked on the web, courtesy of an Instagram user filming a windsurf feature for the upcoming DSLR.

After so many rumors, here is something actually interesting about the next-generation Canon EOS 5D-series camera. The device was pretty much confirmed by Levi Siver, one of the most renowned windsurfers in the world, who filmed a feature for this particular DSLR.

The confirmation comes from the surfer’s Instagram account and, if you still had any doubts that the camera is coming soon, then it is time to put them away, as Canon will surely reveal the 5D Mark IV in the near future.

World-famous windsurfer leaks Canon 5D Mark IV

The first Canon 5D Mark IV photo does not reveal the camera in detail. However, we are seeing a big gimbal that stabilizes the DSLR along with Levi Siver’s filming crew.

canon 5d mark iv photo levi siver
The Canon 5D Mark IV photo posted on Instagram by Levi Siver. (Click on image to make it larger.)

We do not know how the company will market the product, but the 5D Mark III features heavy videography features, while the Mark IV version is rumored to offer 4K movie recording.

This might mean that the manufacturer is hoping to market the shooter as a great device for action photography. It all makes sense and windsurfing is getting a lot of traction around the world, so we are not surprised to see Levi Siver among the people who will promote the DSLR.

It is worth noting that the description of the Instagram post reads that the windsurf feature will be aimed at a “new unreleased Canon camera”. One of the comments asks Levi if this is the 5D Mark IV, while his answer is “yes”.

canon 5d mark iv confirmation
Levi Siver confirms that this is the 5D Mark IV on his Instagram account.

This is the first official leak of the camera and we are wondering whether the NDA has expired, meaning that we may get to see many other reliable leaks in the near future.

There’s also an unannounced lens in the leaked Canon 5D Mark IV photo

In the same image, you can see that the lens and its hood do not resemble something that is currently available on the market. In the past, we have heard that the Mark III version of the EF-mount 16-35mm f/2.8L wide-angle zoom lens is on its way.

This is a big guess, albeit nobody will be surprised if this is the optic mounted on the camera in Levi’s Canon 5D Mark IV photo. As usual, we have to take caution’s side and wait for the official announcement or for clear press shots before drawing a conclusion.

Whatever happens, keep an eye on Camyx, as more information will be revealed soon enough!

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First Canon 5D Mark IV photo shows up online