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Bonzart Lit launched as a cute DSLR-like toy camera


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Bonzart has launched a new camera, called Lit, which is also aimed at providing fun to photographers, just like the twin-lens-based Ampel shooter.

People are already used with Bonzart’s fun devices. The company is making a lot of interesting products that are sure to strike a smile upon your face. The Ampel sports a twin-lens design, with one optic being used for regular photography, while the other one being a tilt-shit optic. Well, a new camera has just been announced and it has been named Bonzart Lit.

bonzart-lit Bonzart Lit launched as a cute DSLR-like toy camera News and Reviews

Bonzart Lit is a tiny and cute toy camera with a pinhole lens and 3-megapixel sensor.

Bonzart introduces Lit, a toy camera with a 3-megapixel sensor and pinhole lens

Bonzart Lit is a nice toy camera, which could be a hipster’s dream, as it captures low-quality photos which display an optical flaw known as vignetting. The reason for that is that its pinhole lens requires very slow shutter speeds and cause images to get darker around the edges.

The 3-megapixel image sensor is not among the best on the market, but the photos captured with the Lit will be good enough to be posted on social networking websites, such as Instagram.

The specs list also includes a tiny LCD screen, allowing you to input the settings or frame the shots.

bonzart-lit-back Bonzart Lit launched as a cute DSLR-like toy camera News and Reviews

The Bonzart Lit back is not much to look at, but users will find a color screen there, as well as the navigation buttons.

Customize your Bonzart Lit photos with multiple filters and effects

Bonzart’s new Lit camera has a DSLR-esque design. In order to prove that this has not been just a fashion-related decision, the company has added a tripod mount and the ability to select the white balance. WB can be set to daylight, cloudy, tungsten, or fluorescent, while the tripod mount is more than welcomed when a pinhole lens and slow shutter speeds are involved.

After setting the white balance, users can add filters and effects to their photos. Photographers can choose between black-and-white, negative, and sepia among others.

The DSLR-like features do not end here, as the Bonzart Lit comes with three metering options, that is Spot, Center, and Multi. Additionally, the exposure compensation ranges between -6 and +6.

lit-vs-ampel Bonzart Lit launched as a cute DSLR-like toy camera News and Reviews

Lit vs Ampel: both are made by Bonzart. The former costs only $39.99, while the latter’s tilt-shift lens takes the costs up to $180.

Bonzart’s Lit is also a webcam and it costs a penny under $40

As stated above, the Bonzart Lit can be mounted on a tripod. If you want to take self-portraits with this device, then there is a timer of up to 10 seconds. The timer can be set to 2 seconds and a burst mode will capture several consecutive shots.

Either way, the toy camera can also be used as a webcam. The company says that, when connected to a PC, users can video chat with their friends through the device.

The red and black versions are available on Amazon. Potential buyers should know that content is stored on an SD card, which will have to be purchased separately.

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