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Canon 7D replacement rumored to be announced at CP+ 2014


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Canon is rumored to announce a replacement for the EOS 7D, that will become the company’s flagship APS-C camera, at the CP+ Camera & Photo Imaging Show 2014.

The Canon 7D replacement has to be one of the most rumored cameras in history. Roughly one year has passed since the first time we have reported the first gossips concerning this shooter. However, it has not been announced, yet, while the Japan-based company has not given any hints that such as a device is coming at all.

Throughout 2013, trusted sources have been proven wrong multiple times. The EOS 7D Mark II has missed all launch dates predicted by the rumor mill. In the end, it seems like the DSLR camera will not even be called like that, as Canon is heading towards another direction and will undergo its “biggest change in history”.

It is still unknown what this means, but we may see the Canon 7D replacement with impressive video features that could be called EOS 8D or EOS 7D C.

canon-7d Canon 7D replacement rumored to be announced at CP+ 2014 Rumors

After more than four years as the flagship APS-C camera, it seems like the Canon 7D is finally getting replaced at CP+ 2014.

Canon 7D replacement announcement date set for CP+ 2014 event

In the meantime, we have heard through the grapevine that the CP+ Camera & Photo Imaging Show 2014 taking place in Yokohama, Japan will be the birthplace of the EOS 7D successor.

After months of speculation, it seems like that time for a new flagship EOS APS-C camera has come. The 7D has been launched in September 2009, almost four years ago. It is understandable why photographers say that it is an outdated shooter, though the same thing can be said about the Nikon D300s.

The CP+ 2014 show will open its doors to visitors on February 13, exactly one month from now. The company has previously launched new products during this event, so it would not be such a huge surprise if another one is coming this year.

Rugged construction and improved features all around for Canon’s flagship APS-C DSLR

The list of “confirmed” specs includes improved autofocus speed, an APS-C sensor with a resolution bigger than 20 megapixels, faster continuous shooting mode, and very high ISO sensitivity.

Canon 7D replacement will also sport a weatherproof body, as wildlife and sports photographers are among its target audience.

Additionally, it appears that a new naming strategy will be adopted, therefore this is why it will not be called EOS 7D Mark II. Either way, we will find out more about it next February, so stay tuned for more information.

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