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New Canon macro zoom lens coming in 2014


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Canon is rumored to announce a new macro zoom lens with an f/4 constant maximum aperture and built-in image stabilization technology.

Canon may have sold the highest amount of lenses out of all manufacturers in the world and its lineup is one of the biggest on the market, but this does not necessarily mean that the company is not working on more models.

canon-180mm-f3.5l New Canon macro zoom lens coming in 2014 Rumors

Canon 180mm f/3.5L is a macro lens, which has been around for a long time. It might be replaced in 2014 by a new macro zoom lens.

Canon to launch multiple new lenses in 2014

In fact, it is exactly the opposite, the rumor mill says. Multiple details have been leaked about upcoming Canon lenses and the general consensus is that the Japanese company will bring more optics to the table in the coming months.

The latest in a long series of leaks talks about a new Canon macro zoom lens. People familiar with the matter say that the corporation is working on such a product and that it will become available for purchase sometime in 2014.

Canon macro zoom lens to feature f/4 aperture and in-body IS

Canon’s upcoming lens is a 1:1 macro zoom. Although its 1:1 magnification rate is almost a certainty, its focal range remain a complete mystery. Other details confirmed by the source is the aperture, which is said to stand at f/4.

Judging by the fact that it is not so fast, we could speculate that it is a telephoto lens. If that is the case, then a strong candidate for being replaced is the EF 180mm f/3.5L macro USM optic.

It has been a while since this lens has been available and it could be the right time for it to be substituted. Currently, photographers can buy it for $1,579 courtesy of Amazon.

Nikon used to offer a 70-170mm f/4.5-5.6D macro zoom lens, which is now discontinued

Another important feature is the built-in image stabilization technology. This system would be useful in order to capture great close-up photos of plants, bugs, and other small animals.

Still there are plenty of unknown details, which might not be leaked anytime soon. If the lens does come next year, then Canon might force Nikon to bring the 70-170mm f/4.5-5.6D out of retirement, too, but we will have to wait for the EOS manufacturer to make the first move.

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