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Canon quadcopter with built-in camera in development?


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Canon may be on the verge of entering the drone market as the company has recently patented a device that appears to consist of a quadcopter with a built-in camera.

After GoPro has confirmed its intention to join the drone business, another high-profile company may follow the same path at some point in the future. That company is none other than the biggest camera and lens vendor in the world: Canon.

The Japan-based company has patented an interesting system in its home country. It consists of a product that can determine the location as well as the direction of a camera mounted onto a drone. Additionally, it can control the movements of the shooter and it may well be a quadcopter with a built-in camera.

canon-drone-patent Canon quadcopter with built-in camera in development? Rumors

A Canon patent has been leaked and it has hinted that the company is working on a drone with a built-in camera.

Patent of what looks like a Canon quadcopter shows up online

The latest Canon patent is intriguing. By the looks of it, the company is developing a drone that will also have a built-in camera. The quadcopter will employ a system that will send location details to a separate device, possibly a smartphone or a tablet, in order to allow ground users to control it.

Users will be able to see the direction of the drone, its location, and its altitude thanks to an integrated GPS. The users will be able to control the position of the camera, too, in order to capture better photos and videos.

All things are pointing to the fact that the system will be made by the Japanese manufacturer along with the drone and the camera. If the Canon quadcopter is real, then it will definitely give DJI, GoPro, and other drone makers a huge headache, as the EOS company has the resources to become successful in this business.

Canon may have patented a control system for its cameras when mounted onto a drone

The patent was filed on November 29, 2013 and was approved on June 8, 2015. There is a chance that it does not describe a Canon quadcopter or even a drone with a built-in camera (or not) from a different company.

4K technology is in consumer hands and Canon has begun launching consumer cameras capable of recording videos at 4K resolution and drone makers may produce quadcopters capable of supporting EOS 4K cameras. As a result, the Japan-based company might be developing a technology to give users better control over its camcorders when they are mounted onto a drone.

However, this is only a patent and we will have to wait for more information before speculating even further. Stick with us for more details!

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