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Alexandrina Paduretu wins Food Photographer of the Year 2013 award


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Pink Lady Apples has revealed the Food Photographer of the Year 2013 winner, in the body of Romanian photographer, Alexandrina Paduretu.

Pink Lady Apples is a popular brand and website in the United Kingdom. The site is regularly holding interesting competitions, including a food photography contest which is open worldwide.

food-photographer-of-the-year-2013 Alexandrina Paduretu wins Food Photographer of the Year 2013 award Exposure

Overall winning photo of the Food Photographer of the Year 2013, called “Tasty Apple”. Credits: Alexandrina Paduretu.

And the Food Photographer of the Year 2013 award goes to… Alexandrina Paduretu!

This time, the Pink Lady Food Photographer of the Year award has been granted to Alexandrina Paduretu. The Romania-based photographer submitted a nice photo of an old man eating an apple, which proved to be enough to confer her the top prize.

Speaking of which, the grand prize consists of £5,000, which can be considered a huge amount by most people roaming this Earth.

The photographer received a Pink Lady trophy, along with the cash prize, from John Durman during an event which took place at the Mall Galleries in London, UK.

Durham is Managing Director at Apple and Pear Australia, which holds the rights of Coregeo, which in fact takes care of the Pink Lady brand in the UK.

Pink Lady has chosen Romanian photographer’s image out of 5,500 food photos

Alexandrina is a photographer from Romania who managed to win the grand prize out of a total of more than 5,500 photos submitted to the Food Photographer of the Year 2013 competition.

Paduretu named the photo of the old man “Tasty Appple”. Judging by the age of the man, it is safe to assume that he is actually eating an apple a day, in order to keep the doctor away.

She had actually won the “An Apple A Day” category. The photo contest consists of multiple categories, including Cream of the Crop, Food in the Street, Food in the Field, Food and its Place, Food for Sale, Food for Celebration, Food Sn-Apping, Food off the Press, Food Portraiture, The Philip Harben Award for Food in Action, and Errazuriz Wine Photographer of the Year.

Food Photographer of the Year 2014 photo contest will open for business soon

The aforementioned categories will also be available in the Food Photographer of the Year 2014 edition. Pink Lady will be accepting entries from photographers around the world as of June 2013.

Entering the 2014 edition of the photo contest will be easy and free, but it will require photographers to register an account at the Pink Lady official website, where they can also find more details about the competition.

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