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Free Adobe Lightroom 5 now available with all Leica cameras


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Leica has announced that all customers who will purchase one of its S, M, X,V, or D-Lux cameras will receive a free copy of Adobe Lightroom 5.

The whole world was busy with Adobe announcing and releasing the latest version of Lightroom that it missed Leica’s important announcement. In order to make its Germany-made shooters more attractive to customers, the company has revealed that all customers will get a free copy of the popular image-processing software.

free-adobe-lightroom-5 Free Adobe Lightroom 5 now available with all Leica cameras News and Reviews

All buyers of a Leica S, M, X, V or D-Lux camera will receive a free Adobe Lightroom 5 copy.

Leica S, M, X, V, or D-Lux cameras comes packed with free Adobe Lightroom 5

Leica says that Lightroom is the best image-processing application out there, aimed at professionals looking to improve their photos. This is why the company has decided to offer it in combination with its high-quality cameras and lenses.

“Free Adobe Lightroom 5” will be available for all photographers who will buy a camera of the S, M, X, V, or D-Lux series, including the latest X Vario and D-Lux 6 “Edition by G-Star RAW”.

Latest Lightroom version expands support for Leica shooters

The German manufacturer has had a long-standing relationship with Adobe, as previous versions of Lightroom have been available with Leica shooters for quite some time.

Adobe Lightroom 5 is fully supporting all Leica digital cameras, the Germany-based company has added. Furthermore, support for the S/S2 and S2-P medium-format shooters has been expanded, allowing professionals to take advantage of the program’s latest features.

Regular Adobe Lightroom 5 prices list

Adobe’s latest version of Lightroom comes packed with an Advanced Healing Brush, which corrects dust and removes unwanted objects from a shot, Upright Tool, which straightens inclined images, Radial Gradient, which allows users to add creative effects to their photos, and Smart Previews, which creates smaller files to be adjusted easier and then gives users the possibility to apply the same changes to the full-sized shots.

Users of Lightroom 4 can upgrade to version 5 for a price of only $79 through Amazon and B&H, while Adorama is charging $79.95. Meanwhile, the rest of us will have to pay $139.99 at all retailers, including Amazon, B&H, and Adorama.

Fortunately for Leica fans, free Adobe Lightroom 5 sounds a lot better.

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