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Hasselblad H5X medium format camera body coming to Photokina


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Hasselblad has announced a new medium format camera body, called H5X, which is based on H5D cameras and is compatible with all H-system lenses.

The medium format system is still alive and kicking, with lots of photographers with a big budget hoping that the companies will continue to develop these high-performance, but expensive products.

After Mamiya Leaf has launched the Credo 50 medium format camera, Hasselblad has responded with a body aimed at photographers who want the best features in a H-system camera.

The company has confirmed that the new H5X will support all H-mount lenses and will continue the legacy of the H1, H2, H2F, and H4X cameras.

hasselblad-h5x Hasselblad H5X medium format camera body coming to Photokina News and Reviews

Hasselblad H5X medium format camera body is now official with a slew of new features, including True Focus.

Hasselblad H5X announced as a new medium format camera body ahead of Photokina 2014

The Hasselblad H5X is said to be as versatile as the previous medium format bodies. However, it comes packed with several improvements over its predecessors.

The list includes True Focus, which consists of focus compensation when the photographer re-composes a shot. The system also includes autofocus as well as manual focus override. When using manual focusing, the focus area can be displayed in the viewfinder.

Hasselblad’s new body offers full HC/HCD lens support, meaning that the system will be compatible with the HCD 24, HCD 28, and HCD 35-90 lenses, too.

Additionally, the device will support multiple viewfinders, such as the HVD 90x and HV 90x-II. The former works best with the 36 x 48mm format, while the latter has been optimized for 40.2 x 53.7mm format.

The H5X comes with multiple buttons which can be programmed. However, this feature only works with H5D systems, so third-party digital camera backs are not supported.

More details about the upcoming Hasselblad H5X

Hasselblad has confirmed that the H5X offers a shutter speed range between 1/800th of a second and 18 hours. Speaking of the shutter, the system is said to consist of an electronically-controlled integral lens shutter.

The specs list of the new Hasselblad H5X also includes flash control using the integrated flash unit or an external one. The list continues with multiple exposure metering modes and support for automatic bracketing.

The official press release states that the body is powered by a 2,900mAh Li-ion battery. As for the dimensions, the body measures 144 x 110 x 88mm, while weighing only 830 grams.

An exact release date has not been provided, but the H5X will become available in the near future for a price of €4,595 / about $5,930 without a viewfinder and €5,795 / about $7480 with a viewfinder, respectively.

Curious eyes can check out this medium format camera body at Photokina 2014, where Hasselblad will be present from day one!

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