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More Nikon D5 images revealed ahead launch


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More Nikon D5 images have appeared on the web, as the DSLR has been found by a tourist in a camera shop in an undisclosed location.

We have spoken about the next-generation Nikon flagship camera a few times before. Ever since the first report it has been said that the most likely timeframe for its announcement is early 2016.

Recently, the first photos and some reliable specs have appeared on the web. As usual, these are signs that a device is nearing its official launch event, so many photographers have already said that they are anxiously waiting to see it in action.

Until its unveiling, more Nikon D5 images have been leaked. A French photographer traveling abroad noticed the DSLR in shop’s glass case and was surprised to see that the product in question is the D4s replacement. Here are the photos and the details he obtained from the store clerk!

New Nikon D5 images leaked on the web

Nikon has not officially revealed the D5, yet. This means that it would be crazy to actually see one in a store. Well, at least one unit stands in a camera store somewhere in this world. A photographer entered one and saw a D5 just sitting there along with a Sigma 50mm f/1.4 DG HSM Art lens. Thankfully, he managed to grab some photos of the product, too.

new-nikon-d5-images-front More Nikon D5 images revealed ahead launch Rumors

The Nikon D5 DSLR and the Sigma 50mm f/1.4 Art lens.

The user is from France and claims that he was traveling outside the country. He added that he was just visiting the store and noticed the D5 at the bottom of a showcase.

After asking some questions about it, the store clerk got it out and showed it to him. The DSLR was fully-functional and the employee also told him that the unit is not for sale and that it is there just for the show, but this is not a surprise.

No matter how it got there in the first place, now we have more Nikon D5 images to look at before its announcement event.

Nikon D5’s autofocus module said to cover the area of an APS-C-sized sensor

The French tourist noticed a some new things about the DSLR. The rectangular autofocus module covers the area of an APS-C sensor in the optical viewfinder, while the viewfinder has a special cover that will become useful when capturing long-exposure photos.

new-nikon-d5-images-back More Nikon D5 images revealed ahead launch Rumors

The AF module in the Nikon D5 will be rectangular and will cover an area the size of an APS-C sensor.

We remind you that the D5 will allegedly employ a brand new AF system with 153 focus points. As you can see, the specs list of the new Nikon flagship camera is shaping up nicely. Stay close to us for more!

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