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MoVI M10 and MR questions answered, release date expected for July 2013


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Freefly Systems has revealed a video aimed at answering a lot of questions about the amazing MoVI camera stabilizer, including a release date timeframe.

MōVI is a tri-axis gyro-based gimbal which stabilizes a camera while recording videos. It is designed and manufactured by Freefly systems, but it has been introduced with the help of legendary photographer Vincent Laforet.

movi-m10-release-date MoVI M10 and MR questions answered, release date expected for July 2013 News and Reviews

MoVI M10 release date is said to be scheduled for July. However, it may last all the way to the end of Q3 2013, meaning that some pre-orderers may get it in September.

Freefly Systems begins taking pre-orders for MōVI M10 and MR camera stabilizers

Although the company and the cinematographer have provided a lot of information about the product, its hefty price tag has made a lot of people ask a lot of questions, which can be considered natural because the rig costs about $15,000.

Freefly is currently taking orders for the MōVI M10 and the MōVI MR, with the M5 and M20 being on stand-by. A pre-order will set anyone back $2,500. Shipping is expected to begin in July 2013, but the exact date is currently unknown.

However, it is worth noting that the deposit is “fully refundable”, meaning that if you change your mind, then Freefly will refund all of your money.

MoVI MR aimed at CineStar and octocopter users

Anyway, Freefly’s employee, Ross, provides more information in a video shot entirely with the M10. Ross says that the M10 and the MR weigh more than three pounds, while being able to carry up to 10 pounds.

However, the MR is a bit lighter because it is aimed at CineStar cameras that can be remotely-controlled with an octocopter. The MR will not come bundled with a transmitter because the octocopter already has one.

It is worth noting that the MR can be used with your hands, but it will be harder to control, as it is missing “some of the adjustment features of the M10”. All of these have been made, in order to keep the weight down.

MoVI M10 intended for handheld cinematographers

On the other hand, the MoVI M10 features a transmitter and it can also work with CineStar camcorders with the help of “some optional parts”. The difference is that the M10 can only be used by hand. It supports pan and tilt, too.

All in all, Ross suggests that CineStar users should go with the MR, while non-CineStar owners should go for the M10. The manufacturer has also posted the quickstart guides and manuals on the website.

Freefly developing MōVI M5 and M20 versions as well

The video says that the “M10” stands for 10 pounds and that the M5 and M20 are currently being looked at, but their price and release date remain a mystery even for Freefly.

The MoVI M5 will be aimed at cameras which weigh up to five pounds, while the M20 will be designed for larger cameras of up to 20 pounds.

MōVI M10 and MR release date expected for July 2013

For the time being, both the MoVI M10 and MR are being hand-made by Freefly and this is why the process is taking so long.

Currently, there are no rentals or distributors, as the company has chosen to sell the products directly through its official website.

Shipping is expected to begin in July and the company will send it anywhere in the world. This is said to be free, but it is doubtful that they will send it to another continent at no extra charge.

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