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New Nikon D7200 details come to surface ahead of launch


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A trusted source has managed to reveal a more reliable list of Nikon D7200 specs, which is not very different from the information leaked at the beginning of November 2014.

Nikon was expected to replace the D7100 at Photokina 2014, but the company had other plans in mind for the D7200. The DSLR camera will actually become official sometime during the beginning of 2015, about two years after the introduction of its predecessor.

During the first few days of November 2014, the rumor mill has leaked the first batch of Nikon D7200 details and specifications. As we are approaching the end of this year and two major events, such as CES 2015 and CP+ 2015, insiders have revealed new information, which is not too far off the previously-leaked intel.

nikon-d7100 New Nikon D7200 details come to surface ahead of launch Rumors

Nikon D7100 will be replaced by the D7200 soon, a DSLR which will feature a new sensor, AF system, WiFi, tilting screen, and more!

More Nikon D7200 details come to light

It appears that the Nikon D7200 will be indeed powered by a brand new APS-C sensor of roughly 24 megapixels and a variation of the EXPEED 4 image processor. The sensor could have 24.7 megapixels and the processor could be called EXPEED 4b.

Previously, it has been said that the DSLR would capture up to 8fps, but the continuous shooting speed now stands at 6fps. The buffer is sized at 16 RAW + JPEG photos, so it could be useful for occasional sports photographers.

The camera will record full HD videos at 60fps as well as 720p videos at 120fps. Although 4K video recording was dismissed the last time we spoke about this device, now the source is not sure. The D7200 could be capable of recording 4K footage, but take a huge pile of salt with you and do not jump into conclusions, yet.

Nikon could focus on video features, as it will allow users to adjust the aperture during video recording while using the Live View mode.

D7200 will borrow looks, WiFi, and tilting display from the D750

As for the major differences between the new and older Nikon D7200 details, it appears that the DSLR will employ a 51-point MultiCAM 3500DX2 AF system. The previous information said that the camera will sport a 72-point MultiCAM 3600DX AF module that includes 39 cross-type AF points, which support focusing down to f/10 aperture.

Additionally, the camera will borrow its looks from the D750 instead of the D810, like previously reported. As a testimony to this fact, the D7200 will employ a tilting display on its back, just like the D750.

Nikon will also add WiFi into the D7200, allowing users to connect to a smartphone or tablet in order to quickly upload photos on social networking websites. The official announcement is expected to take place during the early stages of 2015.

The Nikon D7100 has recently received a price discount, so the DSLR is available for about $900 right now at Amazon. Moreover, the D7000 has been discontinued, so the Nikon D7200’s launch is not so far away!

For now, it is unclear whether or not the ISO sensitivity (between 50 and 51,200) and the shutter speed ranges (between 30 and 1/8000) are accurate. The specs list of the D7200 is not as impressive as people would have hoped, so maybe the D300s replacement is on its way, too!

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