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New Nikon full frame DSLR camera set for Photokina launch


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Nikon is rumored to announce a new DSLR camera with a full frame image sensor at Photokina 2014, consisting of a device that will enter the market between the D610 and D810.

The rumor mill has been quiet regarding Nikon’s presence at the biggest digital imaging event in the world. The Photokina 2014 will begin on September 16 and only a Coolpix A replacement is sure to come at the event, while the medium format talks appear to have been false.

Thankfully, the Japan-based company is once again mentioned in gossips. According to a very trusted source, a new Nikon full frame DSLR camera will be unveiled at the Photokina, as a shooter sitting between the D610 and D810 models.

nikon-d610-d810 New Nikon full frame DSLR camera set for Photokina launch Rumors

Nikon is rumored to launch a new DSLR camera with a full frame sensor that will sit between the D610 and D810 DSLRs.

New Nikon full frame DSLR camera rumored to be unveiled at Photokina 2014

Beside revealing that the manufacturer is working on a new device, the source has also leaked some specs and details about the new Nikon DSLR.

It appears that the camera will feature a 24-megapixel full frame image sensor and will be powered by an EXPEED 4 image processor.

Additionally, the unnamed shooter will sport an articulated display on the back, while the built-in WiFi capability will allow users to transfer content remotely or to gain control of the shooter via a smartphone.

The alleged camera will be packed in a very lightweight body and its price will stand at around $2,500, which would put it between the D610 and D810, as stated above.

Nikon’s upcoming FF DSLR will be placed between D610 and D810

The new Nikon full frame DSLR camera does not have a name, yet. However, D620 and D750 have been thrown into the mix. It is said that this device might become the true heir to the D700, which photographers have been expecting since the D800 has been first launched.

Many of the company’s fans believe that D800 series cannot be considered a real successor to the D700, so this may well be the DSLR that they are expecting.

It is worth reminding that the Nikon Df is placed somewhere between the D600 and D800 series. This is one the reasons why it would seem quite odd to launch another similar model.

Still, there are very few details available for the time being, which means that it would be unwise to draw any conclusions for now.

To put things into perspective, the D610 is available for about $1,900 and the D810 can be purchased for about $3,300 at Amazon. Stay tuned for more information!

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