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New Panasonic GF camera to be announced in late 2013


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Panasonic will establish a clearer border between the GX and GF lines, with the launch of a smaller GF camera and a larger GX camera, by the end of the year.

Many photographers have thought that Panasonic will get out of the digital camera business following poor sales, but not a single manufacturer has left it so far. On the contrary, it seems like Panasonic will release several new cameras by the end of 2013. If one of them is the GX7, then the other one will be a new GF shooter.

panasonic-gf3 New Panasonic GF camera to be announced in late 2013 Rumors

Panasonic GF3 will cease to be the smallest Micro Four Thirds camera in the world. The shooter will have its position taken at the end of 2013, when a new Lumix GF camera is rumored to become available.

New Panasonic GF camera will become the smallest Micro Four Thirds camera ever

Panasonic’s GX line of Micro Four Thirds cameras consists of higher-end models. On the other hand, the GF series is packed with lower-end devices. The smallest shooter of them all is the GF3. Now, we have heard through the grapevine that the company will launch a device smaller than the GF3.

For the time being, it does not have a name, just like the GX7 at the beginning of the gossip talks. It has been believed that it will be called GX2, since it will succeed the GX1, but as the days went by, more and more information has been revealed.

Next Panasonic ultra-compact camera will not feature a built-in viewfinder

The new Panasonic GF camera will sport a Micro Four Thirds mount. However, the mirrorless device does not have any confirmed specs as of yet. Despite this fact, it is natural to think that it will not feature a built-in electronic viewfinder, unlike the Lumix GX7, while its image sensor will also be smaller.

The ultra-small camera will most likely be pocketable when paired with a smaller wide-angle lens. Sources say that this is the trend and that Panasonic is going after the market share of compact camera makers.

Its exact release date remains unknown, but the device will be released toward the end of 2013.

Panasonic GX1 and GF3 are still available on the market

The Panasonic GF3 features a 3-inch touchscreen, a 12-megapixel image sensor, and it is available at Amazon for only $309.22. The Panasonic GX1 can also be purchased at Amazon, but for a price of 249.99.

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