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Nikon D610 announcement within hours


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Only a few hours are left until the Nikon D610 announcement

There are only a few hours left until the expected announcement of Nikon D610, the new full frame DSLR from the Japanese manufacturer. All the pointers indicate so far it will sport only a few minor differences from its predecessor, the not very popular Nikon D600.

nikon-D610-logo Nikon D610 announcement within hours Rumors

Only a few hours are left until the Nikon D610 announcement. Most of its features are identical with those of the Nikon D600 and a couple of them are improved.

Nikon D610 is a close replacement for the older D600

After the Nikon D600 SLR from Nikon’s lineup was ill fated, with many buyers shy to adopt it after the much talked sensor oil issues, the Japanese manufacturer rushed a successor, so we are now within hours of an expected Nikon D610 announcement.

Fast on the heels of its predecessor, D610 is supposed to feature, as the rumors building up to the announcement converge, only a couple of improvements over its sibling and, fortunately, the lack of a problem. The first of those improvements is the improved top continuous shooting speed, which will sightly increase from 5.5 frames per second to a mere 6 fps. A second improvement is to be a new weather sealing system in the camera body, making it like the one found on the high position, Nikon D800. For reference, the D600 only had a so-called “extensive” weather sealing system applied to “various points of the body”.

To the disappointment of the fans waiting for more goodies packed with the new DSLR from Nikon, it seems like hoped features like a built-in GPS chip or Wi-Fi connectivity didn’t make the cut. For the rest, D610 is known to be a Sensor: 24.3 MP camera (capable of 6016 x 4016 in “L” mode) with an ISO range from 100 to 6400, 39  focus points for AF, 9 of which being cross type, a 100% viewfinder coverage, HD video recording capabilities of up to 1920 x 1080 30p/25p/24p and a 32” LCD screen with 921k dots. It is to be manufactured, also like the D600, in Thailand.

Old model loses value, existing users are less than happy

With the new D610 coming soon and replacing the older model, for those who are not afraid of the possible oil leak issue, the time to buy a D600 is now: the prices keep falling, making it into an attractive price opportunity. No need to say, internet forums are filed with Nikon D600 owners, unhappy that their gear lost value so quickly and feeling cheated by a move they compare with Nikon’s strobe upgrade from SB900 SB910, where again a couple of small upgrades were added to an almost identical unit.

Keep an eye on this space, there will be follow-ups once the new shooter is officially announced and, also, actual release date and pricing information.

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