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More Nikon D750 specs point to an action DSLR camera


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Several new Nikon D750 specs and details have been leaked on the web ahead of the DSLR’s official announcement, which is rumored to take place within the next few days.

In recent times, the rumor mill has revealed that Nikon is working on a new DSLR with a full frame sensor. The device will allegedly be positioned between the D610 and D810 and the company will market it as an action camera.

As a testimony to this “action” capabilities, inside sources have leaked more Nikon D750 specs, which include autofocus system and its continuous shooting mode.

nikon-d810-focus-system More Nikon D750 specs point to an action DSLR camera Rumors

Nikon D810 features a 51-point autofocus system. It appears that the same system will be added into the D750 action DSLR camera.

New Nikon D750 specs show up on the web and they are pointing at an action camera

The DSLR will definitely be called Nikon D750. It appears that the autofocus system will be borrowed from the D810 and D4s as it will consist of 51 autofocus points.

Additionally, the EXPEED 4 processor will allow the camera to capture up to 8fps in continuous shooting mode. It is very likely that the company could have increased its speed even further, but it has decided against it in order to make sure that it will not “steal” potential customers from the D4s.

Although it is positioned below the D810, the D750 will need to live up to its “action camera” expectations, so this is why it will employ a faster burst mode than its sibling. It is worth noting that the D810 is capable of capturing up to 5fps.

The last piece of new information is referring to the exposure metering system, which will consist of a 91K-pixel RGB TTL 3D Color Matrix Metering III. The same technology is offered in all DSLRs of the D800 series.

What else we know about the Nikon D750 full frame DSLR

Nikon will announce the D750 sometime before the start of Photokina 2014. The event opens its doors on September 16, so it would be safe to assume that this camera is coming during the first week of September.

Before its launch date, we should take a look at its other known specs. The DSLR will feature a 24-megapixel full frame image sensor, built-in WiFi, articulated display, and a lightweight body.

The price of the Nikon D750 will stand at about $2,500, then the camera is cheaper than the D810 and more expensive than the D610.

This DSLR may well be the real successor to the D700, so we are inviting you to stay tuned in order to find out more information!

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