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More Olympus E-M1 specs and details leaked on the web


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In a dramatic turn of events, the Olympus E-M1 might actually become the high-end OM-D camera with hybrid Four Thirds-Micro Four Thirds mount to replace the aging E-5.

Olympus is supposed to introduce at least a couple of new cameras within the following two months. One of them is said to be an entry-level shooter, while the other one is expected to be a high-end camera.

olympus-e-m1-details More Olympus E-M1 specs and details leaked on the web Rumors

More Olympus E-M1 details have been leaked on the web. It appears that this camera will be a high-end one, not a low-end version. This also means that it has taken the place of the E-M7, so it remains to be seen whether the rumor mill is right or not.

Olympus to introduce high-end OM-D camera this fall, while low-end version remains in the dark for now

The lower-end version was said to be called Olympus E-M1, while the flagship version was thought to retail under the name of Olympus E-M7. According to the most recent set of details, the high-end model will be actually called E-M1, leaving the low-end version’s name in the dark.

Inside sources have revealed a schematic of the Olympus E-M1 with detailed explanation regarding the placement of the camera’s buttons. The E-M7 and the E-M1 may be the same device, but this would mean that there is no low-end version in the works.

High-end Olympus E-M1 camera to be covered in buttons and dials

Either way, the so-called Olympus E-M1 will feature a larger grip, inspired by DSLR ones. A shutter release, front dial, function (FN), and movie buttons will be found on the grip.

Additionally, the autofocus assist lamp will be placed somewhere beneath the top of the camera, which will also include the movie switch as well as the rear dial.

In the front, users will find the flash along with a rectangular button that will act as a release for the lens. On the shooter’s top we will find a new dial with an On/ Off switch and a diopter control will also be there.

It is worth noting that the new dial will include HDR functionality. It will probably be a separate function of some kind, allowing photographers to capture HDR shots easier and faster.

The back of the camera will sport a couple of new buttons, including one-touch white balance adjustment and preview mode.

Olympus E-M1 specs are worthy of a high-end camera

The upcoming E-M1 will feature a built-in electronic viewfinder with a resolution of 2.3-million dots, 16-megapixel image sensor, 81-point AF system, 3-inch tilting LCD screen, WiFi, maximum of 10 frames per second in burst mode, and a shutter speed of 1/8000th of a second.

These Olympus E-M1 specs sound a lot like the ones we would find on a higher-end camera. This means that the E-M1 is actually the Olympus E-M7 and that a low-end OM-D shooter may not be released this fall after all.

The future of the Four Thirds mount will be revealed this September

It will be interesting to see how the Japanese company is planning to add a hybrid Four Thirds-Micro Four Thirds on the apparatus. We will find out more as soon as September, according to the rumor mill.

Meanwhile, Amazon is selling the E-M5 Micro Four Thirds camera for $899 and the E-5 Four Thirds shooter for $1,679, respectively.

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