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Pentax Q10 firmware update 1.02 and Q version 1.13 released


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Pentax has released firmware updates for both the Q and Q10 cameras, improving stability and adding support for the newly-announced 07 Mount Shield lens.

When Ricoh announced that it is dropping the “Pentax” brand from the company’s name, many people had feared that the Q, K, and other series are going to be killed soon. However, Pentax will live on and this name will appear on top of the cameras for years to come.

pentax-q10-firmware-update-1.02 Pentax Q10 firmware update 1.02 and Q version 1.13 released News and Reviews

Pentax Q10 firmware update 1.02 can be downloaded right away to support the new 07 Mount Shield lens and improve the stability. Additionally, the Q firmware update 1.13 has also been released.

Fear not! Pentax is not dead and is not dying either

Demonstrating that you are still loyal to your customers is not very hard. Many good things are being heard about Pentax, which has just revealed the Blue and White K-01 mirrorless camera. Moreover, the K-50, K-500, and the Q7 shooters have been introduced in June 2013.

The aforementioned trio has been announced alongside two lenses, the DA-L 18-55mm f/3.5-5.6 AL WR and 50-200mm f/4-5.6 ED WR. However, a 11mm f/9 pinhole lens has also become official as the 07 Mount Shield.

Pentax Q10 firmware update 1.02 now available for download, alongside version 1.13 for the Q

In order for the 11mm f/9 pinhole lens to be supported by the older Q series, the cameras require a firmware update and Pentax has delivered one for each of the Q and Q10.

The result is called Pentax Q10 firmware update 1.02 and Q firmware update 1.13. The changelogs of the two upgrades are identical and they only consist of two things.

The first is 07 Mount Shield lens support, while the other one refers to enhanced stability that should improve the general performance of the two shooters.

Download links are live

Pentax Q firmware update 1.13 can be downloaded at the product’s support and service page, just like the Q10 firmware update 1.02.

Pentax Q10 is available in multiple colors, while Q stocks are very limited

Amazon is currently offering the Pentax Q with a 02 Standard Zoom lens for $239.99, while the Q10 costs $396.95 with the same lens kit.

B&H is selling the Q camera with a zoom lens for $229 and the Q10 for $396.95.

On the other hand, Adorama is listing only the Q10 for $396.95, the same price as the other two retailers. However, the 07 Mount Shield lens is available, too, for $79.95.

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