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Professional Canon underwater camera allegedly in the works


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Canon is rumored to be working on an underwater camera created for professional photographers, which is said to consist of a high-end model that does not require an underwater housing.

As digital camera sales are decreasing, camera makers have reduced the amount of products they are releasing on the market. One idea is to offer niche models that are a bit more expensive, but are guaranteed to bring in consistent profits.

Canon executives have repeatedly affirmed that the manufacturer is exploring multiple concepts for different segments and that we might see some captivating cameras in the not-so-distant future. Now, the rumor mill is claiming that one of these products consists of a professional Canon underwater camera aimed at high-end users.

ikelite-canon-7d-mark-ii Professional Canon underwater camera allegedly in the works Rumors

Ikelite is one maker of underwater cases for Canon cameras. This is the version of the 7D Mark II. Canon could be developing a high-end underwater camera that does not require an underwater housing.

Professional Canon underwater camera for high-end users is reportedly in development

Instead of launching cameras that can do a decent job at anything, one idea would be to launch cameras are that excellent at specific things. According to an insider, a professional Canon underwater camera is in development.

As the summer is coming, people will start taking their summer vacations and some will head over to exotic destinations where they can go scuba diving. Immortalizing these moments requires a waterproof compact camera or a high-end model with a special housing. However, the biggest camera seller could provide a different option, one that consists of a high-end camera with top notch functions but which does not require an expensive, external case.

The source says that the device will be placed in top categories and that it will capture better photos than the compacts currently available on the market. Unfortunately, the source failed to mention whether this is an interchangeable lens camera or a fixed-lens one.

Such product is in the early stages of development therefore you will need to take these rumors with a large bowl of salt as a pinch will not be enough.

Nikon was previously rumored to be planning the revival of the Nikonos series

Nikon has experimented with this type of cameras in the past. Back in 1963, the company launched the Nikonos I Calypso underwater SLR camera.

The Nikonos series offered top image quality in a compact, lightweight design with the functionality of a high-end camera.

During fall 2013, Canon’s competitor was rumored to be working on a plan to bring back the Nikonos family of underwater cameras. However, nothing has materialized so far.

If both Nikon and Canon launch such cameras, then these giants will also battle on the sea, not just on land. Stay tuned for more information!

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