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Cute seal portrait photo nabs Underwater Photography Contest


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The University of Miami has announced the winner of the RSMAS Underwater Photography Contest 2013, in the person of Kyle McBurnie, who has captured a stunning photo of a shy seal.

The Rosenstiel School of Marine and Atmospheric Science (RSMAS) is a part of the popular University of Miami. Since these people love marine life, it is natural for them to hold an underwater photography competition.

The contest is now annual, but it is aimed at amateur photographers, not professional ones. The reason for that is simple, as they are trying to encourage aspiring photographers to embrace underwater life.

kyle-mcburnie-shy-seal Cute seal portrait photo nabs Underwater Photography Contest Exposure

This cute and shy seal was sneaking up behind Kyle McBurnie during a scuba-diving expedition off the coast of California. The portrait photo has allowed the photographer to win the RSMAS Underwater Photography Contest 2013. Credits: Kyle McBurnie.

University of Miami announces Kyle McBurnie as RSMAS Underwater Photography Contest 2013 winner

Each year, the winning photos have been amazing. However, the one which has been selected as this year’s “Best Overall” cannot be ignored, as it is one of the cutest images ever. It depicts a nice seal coming to say hello to a scuba-diver, called Kyle McBurnie.

The photo has been captured by McBurnie in October 2012 off the coast of Cortes Bank, California. Kyle is working for the SD Expeditions scuba-diving company, therefore he gets the chance of taking multiple images, but this particular one is simply great.

Seal sneaks up on photographer, who captures amazing portrait photo

Photographer Kyle McBurnie has even recalled the moment. He said that he remembers diving very slow for about 10 minutes, when suddenly has been surrounded by about eight seals.

The lensman has been swimming in kelp the whole time, but one of them snuck up behind him. That is the moment when he directed the camera towards the underwater animal to immortalize this incredible moment.

This cute seal is also unbelievably shy

The Best Overall winner of the RSMAS Underwater Photography Contest 2013 added that he thinks this one was a shyer seal. He has been seeing them interacting for quite a while, therefore he is familiar with their social hierarchy.

Seals are said to be very intelligent animals which are believed to be able to navigate using the stars and tell the difference between the songs of friendly and killer whales.

McBurnie will receive a money prize of $300 and a trip on the Blackbeard’s Cruises.

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