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Sony 54-megapixel camera with non-Bayer sensor coming in 2015


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Sony is rumored to announce its first camera powered by a non-Bayer image sensor in 2015, which will be able to take photos at a 54-megapixel resolution.

Bayer sensors are currently the standard in the world of photography. They consist of a special color filter array with RGB squares arranged on a bigger grid. It has been invented a long time ago by Bryce Bayer, who was working with Eastman Kodak back then.

The grid of these sensors consists of 50% green squares and a 25% share for red and blue colors. There are some companies which have slightly altered Bayer sensors to provide higher-quality images, such as Fujifilm with its X-Trans technology.

Nevertheless, there are some entirely different sensors such as the Foveon X3 found in Sigma cameras. It uses three separate layers, which are stacked together to absorb different portions of light.

Foveon X3’s dominant color is red, followed by green, while the blue layer is the smallest. As a result, Sigma shooters are powered by 46-megapixel sensors and they have received mostly positive reviews from the users.

Sony 54-megapixel camera to be released in 2015 with non-Bayer image sensor

sony-image-sensors Sony 54-megapixel camera with non-Bayer sensor coming in 2015 Rumors

The list of Sony image sensors will grow sometime in late 2015, as the company is working on a non-Bayer model with a 54-megapixel resolution.

Either way, a lot of companies have expressed the desire of switching to other types of sensors, including organic models. The future of digital photography looks pretty good and it seems like Sony is one of the companies that is trying its best to provide the latest technologies in its digital imaging lineup.

According to inside sources, the PlayStation maker will take it to the next level in the future as a Sony 54-megapixel camera with on-sensor Phase Detection Autofocus technology will be released sometime in 2015.

Moreover, this image sensor will not be based on a Bayer model, the company choosing to develop its own technology instead.

Sony A and E-mount full frame cameras of 2014 to feature regular 24 and 36-megapixel sensors

On the other hand, Sony’s plans for 2014 are also pretty clear. It appears that the lower-end full frame cameras will feature 24-megapixel sensors, while the higher-end ones will run on 36-megapixel versions, regardless of the lens mount.

A lot of photographers are expecting great things from Sony and Olympus, as the two have signed huge deals to become partners. The duo will lend each other technologies in order to make cameras better therefore this will only work in the customers’ best interest.

Be aware that this is only a rumor and there is a long way to go until 2015, so do not hold your breath over a Sony 54-megapixel camera, yet.

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