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Sony 8K CineAlta camcorder to be announced in early 2016


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Sony is working on a camcorder that is capable of capturing videos at 8K resolution and some of its specifications have been leaked on the web.

The digital imaging world has not switched to 4K. Although it has been here for a while, there are few products capable of recording 4K footage or displaying videos at such resolution. For the time being the costs are prohibitive for most consumers and it may take a while before it replaces full HD as a standard.

However, companies are already working on the next level, which is said to consist of the 8K resolution. It is not the first time Sony has been rumored to be developing such a device and now the gossips have returned. A source has leaked the specifications of an allegedly Sony 8K CineAlta camcorder that will reportedly replace the Sony F65.

sony-f65 Sony 8K CineAlta camcorder to be announced in early 2016 Rumors

Sony F65 camcorder will be replaced by an 8K camera in early 2016.

Upcoming Sony 8K CineAlta camcorder has its specs leaked

The PlayStation maker is developing its next flagship camcorder that will succeed the F65. The Sony 8K CineAlta camcorder will be an FZ-mount shooter that will record 8K videos at up to 60fps as well as 4K videos at up to 240fps.

Its image sensor will be based on the same technology introduced in the A7R II. This mirrorless camera uses a backlit full-frame CMOS sensor, which is the largest backlit sensor of its kind ever released on the market.

According to the source, the camcorder will shoot 16-bit RAW uncompressed files, although compressed shooting will be supported, too. Its burst mode will be notable as it will offer a very high frame rate to the users.

This device will support several codecs, including AVCHD, MPEG-2, H.264, ProRes, SR, X-AVC, DNxHD, and DNxHR.

Sony set to reveal its 8K camera sometime in early 2016

The upcoming Sony 8K CineAlta camcorder will support all FZ-mount lenses and accessories. Although it will serve as an F65 replacement, its design will be reminiscent of the F55. Additionally, its total weight will be close to the one of the F55 instead of that of the F65.

The leakster adds that the camera will feature a global shutter. However, it is unclear whether it consists of a mechanical one or an electronic model.

We will see this camera during an official announcement scheduled for early 2016. It may sound soon, but the source seems sure about this. Finally, it is said that the price tag will be surprising, hinting that it will be cheaper than expected. Either way, do not draw any conclusions and stay tuned!

Source: SonyAlphaRumors.

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