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4K-ready Sony A-mount camera to rival Canon 5D Mark III


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Sony has reportedly revealed that it will announce two new A-mount full frame cameras, one to compete against Canon 5D Mark III and one for sports photography, in 2014.

Despite the fact that Sony is very busy with the launch of the PlayStation 4 console, gamers are not the company’s only concern. The digital imaging world is in rough shape and something needs to be done to attract more customers.

Sony appears to be the leading innovator in this sector thanks to the new QX10 and QX100 lens-camera modules as well as the E-mount full frame mirrorless cameras: A7 and A7R.

Now that the direction of the E-mount is clear, the fate of the A-mount remains to be determined. Previously, it has been reported that the company will launch a single high-end model in 2014 that would replace both the A77 and A99. However, recent evidence points to the opposite.

Sony to unveil two professional-grade A-mount cameras next year

In an interview with Yoshiyuki Nogami, Senior General Manager of the Imaging and Sound marketing division, it is specified that two new Sony A-mount cameras will be introduced in 2014.

The employee of the PlayStation-making company says that both of these products will be aimed at professional photographers and that they are currently under development.

canon-5d-mark-iii1 4K-ready Sony A-mount camera to rival Canon 5D Mark III Rumors

Sony has admitted that it is working on a full frame A-mount camera that will be released in 2014. It appears that the shooter will come with 4K video recording capabilities and compete against the Canon 5D Mark III.

One new Sony A-mount cameras to compete against Canon 5D Mark III

One of the upcoming A-mount shooters will be targeted at the Canon 5D Mark III, therefore it needs heavy video capabilities. According to Sony’s Senior General Manager, this device will record 4K videos.

Although Ultra HD video recording will not be found in the other camera, the other camera will be a really fast shooter aimed at sports photography.

Both the 4K video camera and the high-speed apparatus will feature full frame image sensors and will be compatible with A-mount lenses, as stated above.

Ultra HD video recording camera said to replace the Sony A99

For the time being, it is not specified which camera replaces which camera. However, the 4K video-ready model is probably the A99 successor.

The action unit has a full frame sensor therefore it may not substitute the A77. The rumored A79 will come with an APS-C sensor so this may be Sony’s way of telling people that a new category is coming.

We are in the process of gathering more information therefore you should stay tuned to Camyx for the latest details regarding this story!

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