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Sony A77II launch date rumored to occur in early May, again


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Sony is once again rumored to hold a product announcement event on May 1 or 2 in order to announce a replacement for the A77 A-mount camera, called A77II.

Sony has already drawn a lot of attention with the introduction of the A7S full frame E-mount camera capable of recording 4K movies.

A video recorded at ISO 409,600 with the Sony A7s has made a lot of folks to refer to the A7S as a “night vision camera”, essentially forcing videographers to fall in love with this shooter.

The company is preparing to grab all the headlines once more as it is working on a successor for the mid-range A77. This device is poised to become the first A-mount camera in a long time, as Sony’s last shooter in the category has been the A58 (announced in February 2013).

Sources familiar with the matter have previously claimed that the Sony A77II is coming at the 2014 Sony World Photography Awards taking place at the Somerset House in London, UK on May 1.

Another source is back with some details regarding the camera and a confirmation that the shooter will be unveiled on May 1 or 2.

Sony A77II will finally become official on May 1 or 2

sony-alpha-slt-a77 Sony A77II launch date rumored to occur in early May, again Rumors

Sony Alpha SLT-A77 will be replaced by the A77II in early May.

Sony will announce the winner of the 2014 SWPA photo contest on May 1, so it would be rather weird to reveal a new camera on the same date. This means that the product launch event could take place on May 2. However, we should not rule out any possibility, meaning that we will keep our eyes and ears wide open on May 1 as well.

The camera may be joined by new lenses for A-mount and FE-mount cameras, but it is unlikely that any E-mount optics will crash the party.

The Sony A77 replacement will feature a 24-megapixel APS-C image sensor and possibly a new image processor. Sources say that this device has been designed with speed in mind in order to provide a very quick autofocus system, zero electronic viewfinder lag, and a high frame rate in continuous shooting mode.

Sony distracts the fans by releasing QX10 and QX100 firmware updates

In the meantime, Sony is keeping its fans busy by releasing a firmware update for the QX10 and QX100 Cyber-shot lens-style cameras.

The firmware brings improved video recording, allowing users to capture full HD footage, new ISO sensitivity settings, NFC enhancements, and other features.

It can be downloaded at the company’s official website, where users can also find extra information.

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