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Sony RX2 camera will not replace the RX1


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The upcoming Sony RX camera with a full frame image sensor will not replace the RX1, while the next-generation Olympus OM-D will not be a successor for the E-M6, sources have revealed.

Sony is rumored to be working on a new full frame RX camera. This information has recently been leaked to the public by sources familiar with the matter. Many photographers have feared that the so-called RX2 might replace the RX1, however, it seems like it will be a brand new RX camera, that will not act as a substitution for another shooter.

sony-rx1-replacement-rumor Sony RX2 camera will not replace the RX1 Rumors

Sony RX1 will continue to live on, despite the fact that the company is launching a new full frame RX camera this fall. The RX2, or whatever it will be called, will be announced this summer, with availability expected for October-November.

Sony RX2 is a full frame pocketable camera that will not replace the RX1

The Sony RX2 is coming this fall, but it will be introduced sometime in late August 2013. Sources believe that an achievable target would be October-November, as the company does not want to miss the holiday season.

Although the specs list is unknown, the new Sony pocketable camera is said to come packed with a full frame image sensor, just like the RX1. Other features which are believed to make their way in the RX2 are built-in WiFi and an articulated LCD screen.

The same source has confirmed that the PlayStation-maker will continue to manufacture the RX1 and that the RX2 will be more expensive. This means that Sony is aiming even higher with the new FF RX camera, but we are going to confirm that in the following months.

Next-generation Olympus OM-D camera will not displace E-M5 either

Another rumored camera which has been thought to replace a current model is the Olympus E-M6. The new OM-D camera will be released in September, with the official announcement expected to take place in August, but the E-M5 will continue to be available on the market.

The new shooter will feature 5-axis sensor-shift image stabilization technology and quite possibly a new image sensor.

As stated above, the new Olympus OM-D camera will not replace the E-M5 and, in fact, it will not be a successor for any current shooters. More details about it and the Sony RX2 are expected soon, but keep in mind that they are just rumors.

Olympus E-M5 is available for sale at Amazon for $924, while the Sony RX1 can be purchased for the price of $2,798.

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