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Sony RX200 rumors appear to be fake


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The rumors about the upcoming Sony RX200 compact camera appear to be fake, sources familiar with the matter are reporting.

The backstory on this one is pretty straightforward. Sources in China have revealed that Sony is working on a replacement for the RX200. While this fact may be true, the information reported by the leakster is said to be fake.

sony-rx200-rumors-fake Sony RX200 rumors appear to be fake Rumors

The recent rumors about the Sony RX200, RX100 replacement, are said to be fake, as there are little chances a small compact body would house such a big lens.

Slim chances for the Sony RX200 to make an appearance in June 2013

There are some things that need to be reminded before jumping into conclusions. For the time being, Sony has not officially confirmed that it will launch a replacement for the RX100 and it has not announced any digital imaging-related press events for June 2013.

June is the purported announcement timeframe coming from China. However, reliable sources have contacted their information springs and it seems like that there are no chances of seeing a new compact camera from Sony in June.

Information found in the Sony RX200 rumors incriminates itself

The specs list is another thing that makes the original Sony RX200 rumors doubtful. It is said that the camera will feature a 28-140mm f/1.4-2.2 lens with 5x optical zoom. It has been said that the new shooter will also have the same size as the Rx100 and a pop-up viewfinder.

However, a lens so big would desperately require more room, therefore it is speculated that, in these conditions, it would be impossible for the RX200 to retain the same form factor as the RX100.

Conclusion: rumors can never be trusted

It is also worth noting that some retailers are dropping the price of the RX100, which is usually a sign that a replacement is coming. Despite that, both of these reports fall into the “rumors” category, meaning that they are not official and that neither of them can the fully trusted.

Anyway, Sony fans can choose what to believe, but they should not bet all their money on a RX200 announcement during the first week of June, though they would definitely be happy in that case.

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