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Starting Your New Year Right: Reasons to Take up a New Hobby Now


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2019 has finally arrived and brought with it not only immense excitement and hope for the year ahead but also a myriad of New Year’s resolutions. Despite undeniable good intentions, as many as 80% of resolutions fail by the second week of February according to U.S. News. This year, instead of yet again promising yourself that you will stick to a diet or save money for a much-needed holiday, take up a new creative hobby such as art or photography that will not only allow you to learn thrilling new skills but also supply you with countless other wellness benefits as well. Here is how you can benefit from starting off your year as an arty hobbyist.

Hobbies are great stress relievers

All the expectations of a new year often result in elevated stress levels. Taking up photography as a hobby can transport you to a new, magical world while also significantly decreasing your anxiety and stress. When you do something you enjoy you focus on the current, pleasant task at hand instead of the demands everyday life imposes upon you. As you become more adept at viewing the world through a photographer’s eyes you will begin to realize just how beautiful life really is, leaving you feeling more relaxed, happier, and ready to tackle the new year with vigor.

New year, new skills

At the beginning of a school year, children tend to be a lot more enthusiastic to learn new things than when they are half-way through the year. While a new hobby can undoubtedly be undertaken at any time, the start of a new year generally offers an extra dose of eagerness and commitment that come in very handy when looking to acquire new skills. Signing up for an art class or merely browsing the internet for tutorials will provide you with a lot of very handy skills you can implement to create beautiful artwork for your home. Imagine immortalizing your canine companion through a set of drawings or capturing the very essence of your children in a series of beautiful photographs. Once you have acquired a new skill and have become comfortable in it, there really are no limits to what you can achieve with it.

Boosted social interaction

If you have made a resolution to be more social this year you can benefit greatly from taking up photography or art as a hobby. When you sign up for a class in your field of interest you will meet a number of like-minded individuals with who you can forge meaningful friendships. When out taking photographs you are also bound to experience chance encounters with people that can enhance and influence your life in countless ways. The human race is inherently social and making profound connections with people from behind a camera lens will indisputably start the year on the right foot.

There aren’t many better ways to start a new year than by taking up a new hobby. Trying your hand at photography or any other creative art will, without a doubt, help make 2019 one of your most productive and enjoyable years yet.  

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