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David Waldorf’s striking photos of life in a trailer park


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Photographer David Waldorf has traveled to a trailer park in California in order to document the situation of the people living there, courtesy of the “Trailer Park” photo project.

Living in a trailer park is not the “dream life” that people crave for due to numerous reasons. However, trailer parks are communities and people are doing their best to make this work, while plenty of them are trying to do something to provide a better life for their children.

People living in these areas sometimes feel like they have been forgotten. Photographer David Waldorf is aiming to prove that this is not true, so he has traveled to Sonoma, California in order to find out more about the families living there and to report back to the outside world.

The artist’s project is called “Trailer Park” and it is filled with intimate portraits which capture the sadness in the eyes of the Sonoma residents.

The sad portraits of people living in a trailer park

Some portraits can be described as “strange” by the viewers. What is certain is that David Waldorf’s “Trailer Park” photo project is striking, offering scenes that look like they have been captured on the set of a drama/thriller movie.

These portraits have captured the real feelings of the people. Eyes do not lie and David Waldorf has done a great job in showing that life in a trailer park is taking its toll on its inhabitants.

Several subjects are standing proud and have agreed to have their portrait taken outside their trailer. However, there are some people who have decided to pose within the limits of their trailer, while others have only agreed to peer through the windows while their family members were posing for the photographer.

All the expressions on these people’s faces are daunting as well as proof of Waldorf’s artistic excellence.

About photographer David Waldorf

David Waldorf has been a photographer for more than 20 years. He is a world-renowned artist who has been featured in numerous magazines, publications, and websites.

Among the important newspapers and magazines featuring his photos we can find TIME, Forbes, New York Times, and Wired. His work has received praises from photographers and critics alike – all of them being duly-deserved.

One of the most iconic photos consist of a shot of the World Trade Center, which has appeared on TIME’s cover in 2002. TIME’s “While America Slept” is also one of the best-selling issues of the magazine.

More information as well as photos can be found at the photographer’s personal website.

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