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Canon 70D launch event taking place on May 31?


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Canon has scheduled a press event for May 31 in the Netherlands, further fueling the rumors regarding the announcement of the EOS 70D.

Beside the Olympus E-P5, the Canon 70D is the most rumored camera of all time. The difference between the two consists of the fact that Olympus has actually revealed the PEN E-P5 earlier today, while the EOS 70D continues to elude us all.

canon-70d-rumors-may-31 Canon 70D launch event taking place on May 31? Rumors

You can almost hear the EOS 60D cry. Canon is rumored to replace the camera on May 31 during a press event in the Netherlands.

Canon holding press event in the Netherlands on May 31, bringing EOS 70D in sight

The Canon 70D rumors do not seem to stop no matter what. Recently, sources familiar with the matter have revealed that the camera’s release date is “at least six weeks away”. That was almost two weeks ago, which means that four weeks remain until its launch.

Anyway, reports in the Netherlands say that the Japanese company has scheduled a press event for May 31, which is exactly three weeks away. Canon loves to release DSLRs shortly after announcing them and if you do the math, then you would notice that everything fits.

This rumor and the one about a mid-June release date fit like a glove

Three plus two mean that five weeks would have passed since the original “six weeks” rumor. All that is left for us is to add another week or two and everything would fit into the Canon 70D expected release date of mid-June.

Sure, it is worth noting that everything is based on two separate rumors and everybody knows that rumors cannot be trusted.

Canon 70D to be the single DSLR camera announced in the remaining months of 2013

The lack of evidence is against a closer launch date for the EOS 70D rather than a later one. Gossip talk which turns out to be true is usually accompanied by reliable information, specs, features, and even leaked photos. However, there is nothing to suggest that the DSLR will make a cameo at the end of May.

Moreover, cameras in the XXD series are mostly launch in the month of August and there is a bit of distance between June and August.

Sources have previously suggested that the 70D will be the only Canon DSLR launched in the remaining months of 2013 and that the camera will be actually introduced in the last month of summer.

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