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Canon 7D Mark II release date is 2014, not 2013 as previously reported


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The rumors surrounding the launch of the Canon 7D Mark II in 2013 are believed not to be true, as the DSLR camera will most likely be announced sometime in 2014.

Canon has introduced the EOS 7D camera in September 2009. Although consumers feel that the DSLR should have been replaced by now, the company has delayed the official announcement until 2014, sources say.

canon-7d-mark-ii-release-date-2014 Canon 7D Mark II release date is 2014, not 2013 as previously reported Rumors

Canon is rumored to replace the EOS 7D with the EOS 7D Mark II sometime in 2014, as the company will release one more DSLR by the end of 2013: the EOS 70D.

Canon 7D Mark II release date slated for 2014, rather than 2013

Canon fans set their expectations high, as the rumor mill had revealed that the 7D Mark II will be announced in 2013. However, it seems like this is not the case anymore, as reliable sources have confirmed that the Japanese company will introduce only one DSLR this year.

People familiar with the matter have revealed that the Canon 70D is the DSLR camera that will become available for purchase in 2013. As stated above, the Japan-based company will not release any other cameras this year, as 2013 has been selected as the year of the lenses.

On the other hand, 2014 will focus entirely on new DSLR bodies, including the Canon 7D Mark II, contrary to previous reports which suggested that the camera is “definitely” coming in 2013.

This means that the Canon 7D Mark II release date is scheduled for sometime in 2014, along with other DSLR shooters from the Japan-based company.

Rumored specs of the Canon 7D Mark II include a 21MP sensor, GPS, and WiFi

The Canon 7D Mark II is said to feature a 21-megapixel APS-C CMOS image sensor, 3.2-inch high-resolution LCD, GPS, WiFi, built-in grip, a novel autofocus system with 19 focus points, AF tracking, phase detection, and a 100% optical viewfinder.

Additionally, the shooter will come packed with superior low-light performance, thanks to an ISO sensitivity range between 100 and 25,600, which can be easily extended using built-in settings between 50 and 102,400.

An alloy-based body will be available with weather sealing, while the remainder of the specifications list remains unknown.

Announcement is possible this year, but availability is bound for 2014

The announcement may be made during 2013, but the Canon 7D Mark II will become available on store shelves as of 2014, along with higher-end DSLRs, said the source.

Canon 7D features an 18-megapixel image sensor and a 3-inch LCD screen among others, and it is available for purchase at Amazon for a price of $1,299.

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