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Canon PowerShot S200 and unknown superzoom camera leaked in Taiwan


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The photos of the Canon PowerShot S200 and another compact superzoom camera have been leaked on the web, courtesy of Taiwan’s National Communications Commission.

Canon has previously been rumored that it will announce a new PowerShot camera towards the end of this year’s summer. It appears that this rumor will become true, as not one, but two devices have surfaced on the web.

Photos of two new Canon PowerShot compact cameras surfaced on the web

The National Communications Commission of Taiwan is kind of like the United States Federal Communications Commission. Devices need to get approval from the regulators before they get released, therefore they will show up in public documents.

A curious onlooker has spotted the Canon PowerShot S200 at the NCC, along with another shooter. The photos of the regular compact camera reveal the device’s name, too. This is why we can be absolutely sure that it will be called S200. Additionally, the fact that the Commission’s documents say “Canon S200” gives a helping hand.

Canon’s new superzoom camera to come packed with support for WiFi technology

However, the new Canon compact superzoom’s name is unknown. The photos are not very suggestive, while the legal documents say something about a “PC2060 PowerShot PC2057”, which does not fit any current series.

Still, the fact that it is present on NCC’s website says that the shooter will feature built-in WiFi, which may become a standard in the world of cameras sometime in the near future.

Photographers want to quickly backup their images, in order to capture even more of them, so more and more cameras have this feature.

Canon PowerShot S200 features WiFi and a 5x optical zoom lens

Moreover, the Canon S200 will also sport a WiFi chipset, while its lens is identical to the one found on the PowerShot S110. The camera features a 5.2-26mm f/2-5.9 5x optical zoom lens, while its image sensor may consist of a bigger 1/1.7-inch sensor.

Multiple camera announcements expected over the following weeks

Previously, rumors said that the new PowerShot camera will consist of a G1X replacement. None of the newly-leaked cameras fit the frame, meaning that this may be a separate announcement.

Canon is holding a press event on May 31, where the EOS 70D should make an appearance along with these two PowerShots, but we will have to wait a little longer to find out the full details.

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