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Two Hasselblad compact cameras and a DSLR to go public in 2013


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A couple of job listings on Hasselblad’s website have confirmed that the company will introduce three new cameras by the end of the year, including two compacts and one DSLR.

The elusive Hasselblad Lunar has recently become available for purchase in the United States with a $6,995 price tag. Although it consists of a fancy Sony NEX-7, the mirrorless camera features the company’s premium package, which will set buyers back with several thousand dollars.

The company might be looking for a change in approach as it is preparing to launch a couple of compact cameras and one DSLR. This information comes from Hasselblad’s job listing, which are aimed at finding the right people to work on promoting these projects.

hasselblad-lunar Two Hasselblad compact cameras and a DSLR to go public in 2013 Rumors

Hasselblad Lunar may soon be joined by a pair of compact cameras and a DSLR.

Two new Hasselblad compact cameras and a DSLR to be announced this year

Despite attracting some negative reviews with the Lunar, Hasselblad does not have any plans to stop modifying Sony cameras. Moreover, it is actually looking to extend its lineup for consumer-related shooters with the introduction of three new cameras.

This information comes from the company itself, which has posted a job listing that describes a Corporate Sales Manager, who will be responsible for the worldwide sales of two Hasselblad compact cameras and a DSLR, as well as the mirrorless Lunar.

The three Hasselblad cameras are still under development

There are no additional details regarding the devices, but we can reveal that the devices are not finished, yet. Hasselblad is also searching for a Design Engineer to develop three new cameras and their accessories.

Apparently, the second job listing says that the “renowned camera brand” has set very high goals for 2013. It remains to be seen what these targets are and if the Swedish manufacturer will meet them.

Hasselblad may take a closer look to the new RX1R and RX100 II compact cameras

As stated above, the specs of the cameras are unknown, though it would not be a surprise if they were similar to the RX1R and RX100 II ones.

Hasselblad and Sony will most likely continue their good relationship, so the former’s upcoming DSLR might be based on an unannounced DSLR A-mount camera.

The issue here is that the rumor mill believes that the PlayStation maker will not announce any A-mount devices in 2013, meaning that we are left with the SLT-A99, SLT-A77, and the new SLT-A58.

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