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Leica Mini M to feature “larger than usual image sensor”


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Leica has once again posted a teaser on its Facebook page, hinting that all the rumors we have heard so far are simply not true, as the Mini M will feature a “larger than usual sensor”.

Several days ago, Leica has decided to start teasing the masses on its official website. The company has invited the whole world to meet the new Mini M camera on June 11. The device was sitting cozy in a box, which began to open after a few days, allowing photographers to take a peek at the Mini M.

leica-mini-m-image-sensor Leica Mini M to feature "larger than usual image sensor" News and Reviews

Leica’s box, where the Mini M is found, has been opened a little more. Since the teasers started, the German manufacturer has been leaking more and more information about the camera. Now, the company says that the Mini M will feature an image sensor, which is larger than sensors found in such small bodies.

Leica Mini M official information contradicts the leaked details

As the box has continued to open, the company has revealed that all customers will get the truth on June 11, suggesting that the Leica Mini M release date is actually the same as its announcement date.

Furthermore, a picture of the camera has been leaked, alongside with the device’s specifications list and price tag. According to the rumor mill, the Leica Mini M will feature a 16.1-megapixel APS-C image sensor, 28-70mm lens, 1080p video recording, and it will be built on an aluminum body.

The price is said to be around €2,450, which is quite expensive for an APS-C shooter without an integrated viewfinder.

Latest Leica Mini M teaser confirms larger than usual sensor

However, the German manufacturer has denied the claims and it says that the full truth will be heard on June 11. That is less than a week away and the box is almost completely open. However, the latest teaser says that Leica will provide hands-on experience on June 11 in its stores and that the Mini M will come packed with a “larger than usual sensor for its relatively small body”.

Such a body is usually powered by an APS-C sensor, so it is natural to think that the Leica Mini M’s sensor will be bigger. Since it is unlikely that it will feature a full frame sensor, it is possible that the device will have a sensor the size of the one found in the older M8 model, which provides a 1.33x crop factor.

Only one thing is certain: Leica Mini M is coming on June 11

As Leica said, the truth will reveal itself on June 11. The rumors might have been just a part of a marketing scheme and leaked by Leica itself, so some fans have already started getting their hopes up.

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