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More Nikon DF details leaked ahead of the DSLR’s launch event


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More Nikon DF details have been leaked ahead of the DSLR’s camera launch event taking place in the early hours of November 5.

It has recently come to our attention that Nikon will announce a new DSLR with a retro-like design. Its image sensor is allegedly based on that of the D4, so its name could have been inspired by that. Well, it will not be called D4H, as first believed, the Japanese company choosing to name it “DF”, which stands for “digital fusion”.

As Nikon had begun teasing the camera using the “Pure Photography” videos, more information had started appearing on the web, including a lot of its specs and the confirmation of a redesigned 50mm f/1.8G lens, that would fit the style of the DSLR.

According to the rumor mill and confirmed by the Japan-based corporation in its latest teaser, there are less than 24 hours left until the device’s announcement. Right before the event, people familiar with the matter have leaked more Nikon DF details.

nikon-dslr-pyramid More Nikon DF details leaked ahead of the DSLR's launch event Rumors

The Nikon DSLR pyramid, placing the DF (codenamed Q1020) between the D610 and D800 cameras.

New Nikon DF details: retro DSLR to be placed between D610 and D800/D800E series

The new information includes a photo of the internal presentation, which is aimed at placing the device on the company’s DSLR level pyramid. As one would expect, the device is somewhere between the Advanced and Professional categories, where the D610 collides with the D800/D800E.

Oddly enough, the D90, D300X, and D90 have also made it to this list, despite being rather old cameras. Either way, its placement also gives us a hint at the retail price of the shooter. The D610 is available for $1,996.96, while the D800 costs $2,796.95 at Amazon, so the “around $2,000” prediction of the rumor mill has been highly accurate.

top-lcd-screen More Nikon DF details leaked ahead of the DSLR's launch event Rumors

The top LCD screen of the Nikon DF and the information it will display.

Top LCD screen photo leaked ahead of announcement

Another piece of intel leaked before the Nikon DF event is the information displayed by the LCD screen on top of the DSLR. The display will be located right next to the mode dial and it should display aperture, bracketing, and battery levels among others.

It is worth noting that the camera will feature a 16.2-megapixel full frame sensor, 5.5fps continuous shooting mode, same battery as the D5300, and the ability to support non-AI lenses down to their maximum aperture.

We will report on the announcement early tomorrow so stay tuned in order to catch all the important details!

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