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New Canon EOS M2 rumor hints at early 2014 launch


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A new Canon EOS M2 rumor says that the mirrorless camera will replace the current generation shooter in early 2014 and will feature the same EOS 70D sensor.

It has been rumored so many times that it is almost hard to keep up the pace with the whispers regarding this camera. The Canon EOS M2 is one of the most discussed cameras of 2013 and it seems like it will remain at this status for now.

Although some sources have claimed that the device is coming sometime this year, it seems like a source who has previously debunked this information has been right all along.

New Canon EOS M2 rumor says that the mirrorless camera is coming in “early 2014”

Another trusted person has revealed that the next-generation Canon mirrorless camera will be introduced to the market in early 2014.

An exact time frame is not available, but taking previous details into consideration points to a late Q1 or early Q2 launch, most likely in March or April.

white-kiss New Canon EOS M2 rumor hints at early 2014 launch Rumors

The “White Kiss” teaser is hiding a white version of the Canon 100D / Rebel SL1 / Kiss X7 DSLR, not the EOS M2 mirrorless camera.

Latest teasers are hinting at the “White” Canon 100D / Rebel SL1 / Kiss X7

This new Canon EOS M2 rumor has showed right before a new camera announcement, which has been teased over the past few days.

Some people have hoped that the EOS M2 will be announced, but this will certainly not be the case. A new teaser speaking about a “white kiss” confirms that we are facing the introduction of a new Rebel / Kiss camera.

Judging by all these teasers and common knowledge, we may be looking at a white version of the 100D / Rebel SL1 / Kiss X7, which continues to remain the smallest DSLR in the world.

This is probably a special edition version to celebrate the holidays season or simply a hint at the company’s camera future, which could include lots of white products.

Next-generation Canon mirrorless camera to feature 70D-like 20.2-megapixel sensor

Getting back to the EOS M2, it appears that the mirrorless camera is rumored to feature the same image sensor as the EOS 70D, which includes Dual Pixel CMOS AF technology.

The shooter will sport the aforementioned 20-megapixel sensor and an improved autofocus system, which cannot do anything but please potential customers.

For the time being, it is unclear whether two models are coming, a higher-end one and another lower-end, or just a single unit. There is a lot of time left until its launch so we will find out early next year.

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