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Three new Fujifilm X-series compact cameras coming in 2014


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Three new Fujifilm X-series compact cameras, including X30 and X100T, are rumored to be in the works and to be unveiled sometime by the end of this year.

Fujifilm fans have known for quite some time that the Japan-based company is developing two new compact cameras. One of them is set to replace the X20 and it will be called X30. It is said to become official by the end of August 2014 with a set of interesting specs.

The second model is rumored to serve as a successor to the X100s and will be referred to as X100T. A photographer has already uploaded some photos captured with this device on Flickr, so the device could be ready for action prior to the Photokina 2014.

Nevertheless, an unnamed source is claiming that the manufacturer is working on a third X-series model, which does not have a name, yet, but it is scheduled to become official by the end of 2014.

fuji-x20-x100s Three new Fujifilm X-series compact cameras coming in 2014 Rumors

Fuji will announce replacements for the X20 and X100s soon. However, a third compact camera is also on its way and will be released this year.

Fujifilm X30 is the first X-series camera to be unveiled in the coming weeks

Fuji has big plans for the compact camera market, as the X30 is set to compete against the Sony RX100 III as well as the rumored Panasonic Lumix LX8.

The Fujifilm X30 will feature an X-E2-like electronic viewfinder with 100% coverage and 0.62x magnification, a 400-shot battery life, and a 2/3-inch-type sensor.

Fuji X100T compact coming soon as an X100s successor

On the other hand, the X100 series has been very successful, so the company has confirmed that the line-up will be continued. The so-called X100T is coming soon with a similar 23mm lens, although its maximum aperture remains unknown.

Fuji’s X100T is said to sport a 24-megapixel APS-C sensor, quick autofocus, an electronic viewfinder (instead of a hybrid VF), and a tilting display on the back.

Next-gen Fujifilm X-series compact cameras will include an unknown model

The intriguing part is the third model, as its market destination is unknown. In the past, a Fujifilm X70 camera has been mentioned as a lower-end version of the X100s. However, it has been said that the plans have been cancelled for an undisclosed reason.

The company could bring back the plans for such device, but we can only speculate on the specs for the time being. It could sport a zoom lens with a large APS-C sensor or it could pack a fixed focal length lens with a smaller 2/3-inch-type sensor.

FujiRumors is reporting that all these devices will become available on the market this winter, so the waiting time is not so long. Stick with us, as we will get back to this subject as soon as we get more information!

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