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Nikon D600 & D5100 wiped from MAP list, D5300 & D610 in sight


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Nikon has deleted the D5100 and D600 cameras from its Minimum Advertised Price list, further fueling the rumors that the D5300 and D610 are coming soon.

The Nikon D5100 is a camera released in the first half of 2011. It has been replaced by the D5200 in late 2012 and was eventually discontinued a shortly after that.

On the other hand, the Nikon D600 has become official in September 2012. Although it has been welcomed by photographers worldwide, thanks to its low price and great features, the camera has been plagued by manufacturing problem causing a dust / oil accumulation on the image sensor.

It has been demonstrated that the D600 will still “display” spots on photos even after being serviced. This has triggered a massive outcry from the users, a lot of them returning their units and getting their money back.

nikon-d600 Nikon D600 & D5100 wiped from MAP list, D5300 & D610 in sight Rumors

Nikon D600 has just been removed from the company’s MAP list along with the D5100. The two DSLR cameras will most likely get significant price reductions, while the D610 and D5300 are rumored to be announced in the near future.

Nikon D600 removed from Minimum Advertised Price list only one year after its introduction

Recently, the rumor mill has started speculating that the Nikon D610 is in the works. It should replace the D600, but there will be no major differences between the two models.

Sources say that the company will simply fix the dust / oil accumulation issue and everything else will remain exactly the same.

These rumors are now fueled by the fact that Nikon has deleted the D600 from the Minimum Advertised Price list. The MAP inventory consists of cameras which have to be sold for a minimum price.

D600’s premature removal might mean that the D610 is closer than first thought, albeit there is a strong lack of evidence to point into this direction.

D600 price poised for a major reduction, making room for the Nikon D610

It is very likely that current D600 owners will not appreciate Nikon’s decision. Retailers will significantly drop the price of the camera and photographers are sure to empty the stocks pretty quick, as some will ignore the dust spots in favor of the advantages provided by a full frame image sensor.

Users will now find it harder to sell their units to other people for a decent price, so this is just another black mark on the company’s reputation.

Nikon D5100 gets the boot, too, as D5300 is nearing

As for the D5100, it is not very unusual to see it removed from the MAP list. It has been announced back in 2011 and replaced in 2012 by the D5200.

The Nikon D5300 might be announced soon, but sources are reporting that there will not be very many differences between the D5300 and the D5200, its predecessor.

For now, the D5200 continues to be available for $696.95 and the D600 for $1,996.95.

D400 and D3300 nowhere to be seen, despite Nikon discontinuing the D300S and D3100

It is worth noting that Nikon has also removed the D300S and D3100 from the MAP list earlier this year. The two cameras are now discontinued. However, there are no rumors regarding the D3300.

The D400 was supposed to be launched this fall, according to some sources. Nevertheless, people familiar with the matter have dismissed the claims, though there is a strong chance for the camera to become official sometime in 2014.

Since the D400 and D3300 are not here yet, it could mean that D610 and D5300 have a long way to go before being announced, therefore take these rumors with a pinch of salt.

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