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Nikon D610 specs leaked, D600 price goes down


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The first Nikon D610 specs have been leaked on the web, hinting that the upcoming full frame DSLR will not be very different from its predecessor.

The story of the Nikon D600 is pretty tumultuous. It has been one of the most expected cameras of recent times, as it has promised a lot of things for a very small price. Unfortunately, people who have bought the device have quickly discovered that the camera is troubled by all sorts of problems.

Users are disappointed by the autofocus system found in Nikon’s cheapest DSLR full frame as well as its inconsistent shutter, which sometimes refuses to go off. However, the biggest issue consists of a dust and oil accumulation on the image sensor causing spots to appear on photos captured with the camera.

nikon-d610-specs Nikon D610 specs leaked, D600 price goes down Rumors

Nikon D610 specs have showed up on the web and they are identical to the ones of the D600.

First Nikon D610 specs leaked, identical to the D600 ones

Recently, the rumor mill has begun talking about the Nikon D610, which would be just an incremental upgrade over its predecessor. Now, the first batch of the camera’s specifications has been leaked and, so far, everything is homogeneous to the D600.

The Nikon D610 specs list consists of a 24.3-megapixel full frame sensor, 39-point autofocus system with nine cross-type points, and a 100%-coverage viewfinder. The new camera will sport a 3.2-inch 921K-dot LCD screen on its back, and 2,016-pixel RGB sensor TTL exposure metering support.

This full frame shooter will also be able to capture full HD videos at 30fps, 25fps, or 24fps and the ISO sensitivity will range between 100 and 6,400.

D600 lending its size and shape to the D610, as its price decreases after MAP list removal

These are all present in the D600. Moreover, the rumor mill is claiming that the EN-EL 15 battery is there, too, along with the MB-D14 grip. Furthermore, the dimensions are identical, with the D610 measuring 141 x 113 x 82mm.

Nikon might change other things, too, but for the time being this is very unlikely. The company is aiming to fix all the D600’s manufacturing problems, so photographers should expect an improved shutter and no more dust / oil spots appearing on their images.

As the rumors are intensifying, the D600 has been removed from the Minimum Authorized Price list, paving the road for the D610. For now, the full frame DSLR’s price has dropped down to $1,867.98 at Amazon.

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