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Sony RX200 / RX100 MKII to feature WiFi and swivel display


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Several alleged specifications of the rumored Sony RX200 aka RX100 MKII have been leaked on the web, while its release date remains a mystery even for the rumor mill.

Earlier this year, it has been said that Sony will release several new cameras on the market. However, as time went by, it has been revealed that only a few of them will make their way to store shelves.

One of them is the RX200 compact camera, which might be called RX100 MKII, as it will become the Mark II version of the original RX100. It is coming this year and some of its specs have been leaked on the web.

sony-rx100-mkii-wifi-rumor Sony RX200 / RX100 MKII to feature WiFi and swivel display Rumors

Sony RX100 MKII is rumored to become available soon with WiFi, a hot shoe, and a swivel screen. It may be called RX200, but it will surely not replace the RX100, sources say.

Sony does not have a clear roadmap for digital cameras, yet

Until a few weeks ago, the rumor mill has confirmed that only the NEX-7 and NEX-5r replacements will be launched in 2013, while multiple A-mount and E-mount shooters will be announced in 2014.

The gossip talk says that Sony is currently rethinking its roadmap, therefore it needs to carefully plan its every move. However, a couple of cameras would have been a very small number and recently it has been revealed that two new RX compact cameras will be released this year.

Sony RX200 aka RX100 MKII specs leaked by trusted people

One of these devices is an RX100 variant, which may or may not replace the original shooter. It has been called RX100 MKII and even RX200. It is supposed to become official by the end of June with some impressive specs, according to some sources.

On the other hand, trusted people, who have been right in the past, are claiming that the only “sure” specs are built-in WiFi, a hot shoe for external flash or viewfinder, and a swivel display.

Additionally, the Sony RX200 might feature a 1-inch 20.2-megapixel Exmor CMOS image sensor, which can also be found in the conventional RX100.

Sony RX2 coming soon, too, but not as an RX1 replacement

The second RX camera, which is coming in the near future, is dubbed as RX2. It will be a new full frame RX shooter, but there is no chance it is replacing the RX1, sources have revealed.

This may be true as neither the RX100, nor the RX1 are available with significant price drops at retailers. The former is available for a price of $648, while the latter can be purchased for $2,798.

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