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Sony RX100M2 accessories list leaked


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The Sony RX100M2, a slightly modified version of the RX100, will be announced on June 27 along with several accessories, including a grip attachment and a filter adapter.

Sony RX100 was supposed to be replaced by the RX200 in June. However, in the wake of the announcement it has been revealed that the company will not substitute its compact camera, instead choosing to refresh it by altering only a few things.

sony-rx100m2-accessories-rumor Sony RX100M2 accessories list leaked Rumors

A couple of Sony RX100M2 accessories are coming alongside the camera on June 27. There is a grip attachment and a filter adapter, both of them capable of supporting the RX100, too.

Sony RX200 / RX100 MKII / RX100M2 will feature WiFi, tilting screen, and hot shoe

The camera will not be known as RX200, as its leaked manual has been suggesting that it will be called RX100M2, while the rumor mill has been placing bets on RX100 MKII.

It would be wise to trust the manual because the name is not the only thing which has been confirmed. Some of the camera’s specs have appeared and the list includes a new 20-megapixel Exmor R image sensor, novel tilting LCD screen, ISO sensitivity down to 100, WiFi, and a hot shoe mount.

The Sony RX100 does not feature WiFi and a tilting display, nor a hot shoe mount. Moreover, its ISO range stands between 125 and 6400, therefore photographers will appreciate the drop to 100.

Sony RX1-R to be announced on June 27, too, along with the RX100M2

The PlayStation maker will also introduce the RX1-R, which represents an alternate version of the full frame RX1. The two devices will be almost identical, the major difference being the lack of an anti-aliasing filter in the new camera.

If this is a trend and the Sony RX100M2 sports a new 20.2-megapixel sensor, then maybe it will be one without an optical low-pass filter. This will allow lensmen to capture sharper photos, though more sensitive to moiré patterns.

Sony RX100M2 accessories: grip attachment and filter adapter

Regarding the Sony RX100M2 accessories list, the rumor mill claims that the consumers will have access to a grip attachment, which will support both the new shooter and the RX100. It will be made out of “hard-wearing elastomer” and another material resembling polycarbonate.

A new filter adapter will be available, too, and it will provide support for lens caps, 49mm filters, as well as an MC protector. This one will be compatible with both the RX100 and RX100M2.

These details are expected to become official early in the morning of June 27.

Amazon and Adorama are selling the Sony RX100 for $648.

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